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    Wink Wacom jitter shaky shake wobble problem SOLVED!!!

    Hi guys!
    I've just spent an entire night trying to find out how to fix this annoying Wacom shaky jitter problem when drawing lines slower in photoshop. (I use: cintiq 24hd, cintiq 21 ux & intuos 4)
    Went on testing many things and here is what I came up with and how it got fixed and got me back some sweet nice lines (It worked for all my wacom products)

    I installed a really old driver from 2011 and turned out that this is what I needed, here is the link to download the Driver and solve all your problems

    Also, some might have problem with Windows default tabletPC settings, well, use this tool to remove everything regarding windows annoying tablet pc (It's super safe, I tried the thing as admin) (ATTENTION WORKS ONLY ON WINDOWS 7)

    I felt like I had to write this thread so I might save some of you a lot of time and frustration!
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    thanks so much dude, you saved my life !!! been looking for this fix for about a week now, reinstalled several times photoshop, windows 7, was just about to buy a new tablet !

    contact: at

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    This really solves the problem, at least it works with my Cintiq 21
    I don't need 2011 drivers, the version 6.2.0w5 from 2012 works. I didn't discover this by myself, it was in a similar post.
    But I have the same problem with a cintiq companion. I have not tried to use these drivers because I guess won't be compatible with drivers done before the design of the tablet. As result the cintiq 21 works a lot better than my companion. I know that is a random problem no present in all tablets. In fact I had first cintiq companion with a small fault but not jitter, but the replacement has. :-(

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    It's weird, some tabletPC's and some cintiqs will have the slow line problem and others won't so I always assumed it was a issue with hardware (shielding and such) but the OP posted solution kinda botches that theory. I wonder if we found a really old tabletPC driver if we could fix it on the Companion, Surface Pro and T902 as well.
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    Does this works on intuos pen and touch tablet? I'm having the same problem with the newest driver and some times when I plug in the tablet and go to setting it says the driver was not found. I have to restart the wacom from service.msc everytime

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