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    Life drawings (nudity, VERY MUCH nudity)

    Did these from reference, to practise creating depth and form. I could really use some critique on them. I'm sorry for the quality on them, I used a digital camera because of the size. I hope you can look past it. Let me know if you want the reference-pics. Thanks.

    Life drawings (nudity, VERY MUCH nudity)

    Life drawings (nudity, VERY MUCH nudity)

    Life drawings (nudity, VERY MUCH nudity)
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    Ha, ha, okay I was expecting something different because of the title.

    I have four things to say:

    1. These pictures took a LONG time to load. Do they need to be compressed better? I wanted to comment on these yesterday, but I just just couldn't get them to come up.

    2. I think you should work on your underlying structure more. Check out KChen's thread in the tutorials forum under the Life Drawing Section (if you haven't already).

    3. I notice that you are shading ALONG the form. By this I mean that in shading the thigh on the lst pic, your strokes go from hip to knee, hip to knee. They should go the other way (at a 90 degree angle from what you have now). Your strokes should wrap AROUND the form. Imagine tying a piece of string around the thigh. Your strokes should be at the same angle the string is following.

    4. I like the 2nd pic the best. It has great contrast and good proportions. The 3rd one is the weakest, in my opinion. It has the most construction problems (like in the lower legs and feet).

    Keep it up! this is good practice,

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    like emily said, the shading should go radially around the legs, arms, ect...

    also, for your 3rd picture, don't loose the connection between the arm and the hand. maybe because of the cloth, you're loosing the forearm. i say this because the hands are much too small and feel a little disconected.

    draw the limb first then the drape, that way, you won't get hit by those types of problems.

    your second drawing is really nice. =D

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