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Hey vineris!
Finally stopping by, love the line quality here, very sharp, and the (for the most part) small set of values. See you in the forums!
Thanks a bunch! I haven't been around much lately since my laptop browser seems to choke on images, but hopefully I can get that fixed soon.

Here are some life sketches from February and March.

February sketch-out at the conservatory. They had a Chinese New Year exhibit with foo dog statues and bonsai and other things I didn't have the time to sketch.
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March sketch-out at the Royal Alberta Museum. They have a collection of stuffed animals that are more interesting to draw from than photos.
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And I'm working on a personal project, doing some chapter illustrations based on the book "The Girl Who Soared Above Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two". I love the Fairyland series and it has such rich visual imagery that I thought it would be fun to do an illustration for each chapter. These are the first two chapters:

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I've just finished inking the third and am working on the underdrawing for the fourth. I need to finish the thumbnails for the rest of the chapters soon because I don't think the library will let me renew the book again...