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    How to deal with Essential Tremor

    Does any of you guys have this problem? I have quite a strong essential tremor on my hand which sucks big time. I had to give up on playing guitar and I don't want to give up on drawing too but this is really having a huge impact on my drawing in a negative way. I find it really hard to control the pencil in drawing, especially drawing soft. Only thing I found helpful was holding the pencil really strong and pressing hard but as you know it's not quite an effective way. Drawing lines, circles or any other shapes are really hard for me due to this. Also my hand produce way too much sweat during certain time and it sucks. It smudges the paper and ruins it for me a lot. I already consulted few doctors and last year alone they checked me for four Thyroid test but it came out fine although Thyroid runs in my family. According to doc the sweat issue is a rare disease and there's no cure to it as well as essential tremor but he talked about cutting of sweat glands which I refused. Although he asked me to consult a specialist in neurology or something but I haven't had the time to visit there. So does any of you guys have had this problem? Also what should I do? It's really uncomfortable when people ask me why i'm shaking and why i'm sensitive to cold temperature. On the other hand I cant even use the touch screen on my phone during certain times because of sweaty fingers.....If this is not Thyroid what else could this be? Am I going to advanced into Parkinson disease or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sl3epy View Post
    If this is not Thyroid what else could this be? Am I going to advanced into Parkinson disease or what?
    Go to the neurology specialist doctor, I'm pretty sure they can tell you, and possibly give some help on how to live with it.
    Also you could consider painting/sculpture in ways that do not require precision in the same way as drawing.
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    There was a girl in a drawing class I took who had the same problem with a tremor. She adjusted her drawing style to making many light lines, slowly building up values and textures. Her drawings looked quite sensitive and lovely, specially close up. So do what you can. Not saying it is easy, but there are many artists with more or less severe physical problems that can either be limiting, or used to their best advantage. About the sweating issue, either get used to not touching the paper you are drawing on, or place a blank paper between your hand and the paper you are drawing on.

    I hope you get some good medical help too, maybe there is something that can be done!

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