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    DAS clay, anyone help?

    my mum just came back from townsville (i live in australia) . and she couldnt find me any other clay but DAS clay. apparelntly its airdry clay but i have no experience with this clay. nor any other sort of clay.

    does anyone know much about das clay? and if its easy to make reasonable sized sculptures from it. cus i want to make a nice sized dragon sculpture. this is the only stuff i can seem to get.

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    Yeah it does the job. Just mess around with it, keep it wet and put a plythene bag over the top when not using. Once your sculpts finished then just leave it somewhere shady/coolish to dry. Leave it for 2-3 days and it will be rock solid.
    Das is more of a primary school type clay (a personal term) so add water+daft student=large mess! :fruit: But its fun. It holds together pretty well from my experience(limited)

    To start off with just use one block and mess around, make a broach or a magnet or something. Anything just to get your hands working and used to what your doing. Just have fun, you'll pick it up. After a few first sculpts then start looking at making tools etc...
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    Heh, another australian. Personally, I've never used DAS (I discovered sculpey in Spotlight at an early age and stuck to it) and probably never will because of my tendencies to up and drift halfway through a sculpt (sometimes I'll leave a piece for more than two months at a time).

    I'm down sydney way, and while it's easier to find sculpey around here, I still order stuff off from time to time. You can buy the 8 pound bulk pack of super sculpey ( !)from those people as well as just about everything else you might ever need.

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