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Thread: Old master drawings, construction, synthetic form and Glenn Vilppu.

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    Id love to do a course with Vilppu, that guy is my hero. Maybe one day!

    I say the same, its great to hear other peoples views on this subject. Thats awesome. Im really set on the drawing Academy, though it will be some years until i can go. If you ever go to Repin youre one brave man, thats a huge step to take. But Worth it, no doubt.

    Ive had my Eyes on that book but i cant buy shit on the internet, need Another card for that. I guess its time to upgrade though lol.

    Its time to post something in this thread and what could be better than this video by Proko on the subject of Construction, he calls it "mannequinization". Clear instruction, and for free!

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    Found two short videos of Vilppu talking about Pontormo and Rubens. Might be of interest to some, check it out!

    Rubens video:

    Pontormo video:
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    Well I'm glad that somebody as neardy as me could use my diagram

    Artem Still teaches in Viborg, Denmark.
    The drawings by the "danish guy" is by a Danish guy called Mads Peter, also a teacher in Viborg.

    And if you don't wanna live in a small town, but prefer the capital, Copenhagen, I would recommend my own workshop

    And Andrew; I think you're very right in your view that good drawings go beyond construction!
    But no doubt that construction and anatomy is something you need to know about.
    And a very nice observation about the different manner in short poses (gesture vs. outline).

    And since i know you guys like this kind of stuff:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disegnia View Post
    Head Construction by Durer. He might have learned this method by Piero Della Francesca.

    Attachment 1833002
    Where did you get this drawing from? Are there more like thse from Durer?
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    Hee - I love the way they try to fit the perfect circle in there.
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    Durer published a book of proportions. All his geometrical approximations to the human figure can be found in there. There's also an old 2 volume set with every drawing he ever made. I think the analysis in that picture is more about showing a way of using calipers to transfer proportions from one sculpture to another.

    Synthetic form?
    I think it would be more accurate to call it analytic form. In general, the way almost all the popular books teach it, it's really a derivation and application of linear perspective, but these various examples also show several other different ideas being used. It's something that takes place after the real imaginative thinking occurs, or takes place after there's a real physical body already there to measure.
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