Art: Anyone want to collab with a 3D artist?
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Thread: Anyone want to collab with a 3D artist?

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    Anyone want to collab with a 3D artist?

    Hi, I'm a 3D artist who's stuck doing things I don't like... pharma/corporate stuff. I want to start doing cool things and learn more about game graphics. I'd like to hook up with and partner with a concept artist. It's just an idea... I'm not offering money, there's no concrete plans, but I think I'm pretty capable of doing 3D but really don't think conceptually or have the vision.

    I'm interested in creepy 3D things, old abandoned homes and things, and also fantastical things (think Nautilus submarine). David Lesperance's environments are a big inspiration for me lately. Anyway, I apologize if I'm in the wrong area for this, I don't really use this forum, but if anyone wants to talk send me a message!

    Here's some of my work:

    Doesn't really show what I want to do... I need to learn a lot, so somebody else who wants to learn too is important.



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