Looking for someone with indie friendly rates and experience in weapon or hard surface concepts. The type of weapons are somewhat futuristic but have a normal structure of everyday weapons. My visions for these are pretty clear and have been hashed out but now i need them to be done in detail so a 3d artist can model them. The main purpose of this is to design a art style that flows from one weapon to the other specifying that these weapons are special "next generation" not regular government issue.

please send a portfolio and price per concept, payments are paypal only and i don't pay per hour. If you need information to base your price off its just like make a concept of everyday weapons, hand gun "sprigfield xd", rifles "m4" etc The main purpose is to develop a art style, I hope to find someone with good communication skills and can produce a fairly quickly turn around time.

email: xbox360junkie@yahoo.com