Art: My First Four Digital Painting Concepts
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Thread: My First Four Digital Painting Concepts

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    Question My First Four Digital Painting Concepts

    One Year ago I picked up the pen and began to draw again. My love was always with pen and ink but I wanted to break into color. I come from the school of comic book illustration and basic comic colors. Comic Book Illustration is what I wanted to be for a very long time. Alas my road changed and I ended becoming a Graphic Designer and then followed into Front end Web UI Design. What drives me is my ability to draw and sketch and build on a idea weather if it's a character or world. I would love get another side of my career started as a professional illustrator creating digital concept work for games and other entertainment media. For years I been apprehensive to put my work online, guess in ways I was afraid of not being good enough. I am in my 30's now and I wish I can have my ten years back and study harder, but I know I can't look that way I need to move forward. So what I am here to do is learn and better myself. I created these works in the last year learning Sketchbook Pro on the fly with my bamboo tablet. I do have Photoshop and I know it rather well. I have never painted on it, I guess I am between two worlds and trying to find what program and style fits me right. Right now I am stuck at a crossroads with my style. I can go photo realistic or I can go with a more stylized approach. I for one rather be stylized with brush strokes on my work with a little sharpness cause I love detail. My work in someways mimics Barry Windsor Smith and classical engravings, I am from the medium of pen and ink. So again this is new ground for me. My question is if I wanted to go with a style that has more brush strokes do I go with Photoshop or do I go with Painter, or do I stick with Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop for Lighting. This is all new to me. I really just like to get some help and positive reinforcement in my art. I don't have many creative people around me that understand what I am looking to do or create. I would love creative insight cause this road I am on is where I want to be.

    I attached four since I started learning since last year in Sept. I created a series of Masquerade paintings inspired by Phantom of the Opera and Venetian 19th century society fused with a little contemporary high fashion and came up with these.

    I started with in this order Fire, Air, Earth, and completed Water this passed July.

    Thank for reading this and I hope you can help.


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