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    Cow C.O.W - Revisit/Revisions thread

    As creature of the week reaching round 300 at this time, with many many awesome and inspiring creatures and some fantastic artwork in the books! It is a good time to reflect on all those topics that have long since passed. However, just because a topic is no longer active doesn't mean you can't still create artwork inspired by that brief. That is why I decided to post this thread. I figured cow has gone long enough without it.

    If you:

    A) Wanted to work on a topic that has long since passed...

    B) Where unable to finish your artwork in time for the deadline...

    C) Have old artwork that relates to a cow topic...

    D) Wanted to repaint or redesign a past image that you have previously created for a past cow topic...


    E) some or all of the above...

    ...then this thread is the perfect place for you to showcase your work for Creature of the Week!

    Please note: You may post wips of your images here as well as give feedback, just be sure to keep your images relevant to cow, I will delete any posts containing images that are not related to any previous cow topics, to prevent this thread from getting cluttered! Unless of course the image is used for feedback.

    Happy painting folks!
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    I continued working on the 300th round creatures a little bit so I could put them to my portfolio later. I still need to improve the background for both monarch and the rest of the colony, but here's monarch 1.1 with the old one (top) for comparison. I shrunk the head, changed the orange fins to red so that they wouldn't fight with the color theme, blocked some red areas on the chest with armor plates and made some minor improvements here and there. I'll post the other 8 with better BG's later.
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    A detailed paint over for COW 368: Hovering Bony Screamer
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    Check it out
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