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    Tips on digital painting.

    Hey guys, I've had some experience with digital painting (on paint tool sai), but I took a long break and I really want to get back into it and start from
    the ground up.

    I was wondering if anyone one could give me pointers on how to blend colors on Photoshop, or steps to take in general (when I used Sai I would use the watercolor tool) but I have seen
    people use the eye dropper tool on PS, however when I use it, it still looks messy so I am not sure if I am doing it right. (I am very new)

    I will upload some of the stuff I have previously done on Sai.
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    Yah, the eyedropper technique is to pick up the middle colors between colors that are being mixed on canvas, then the middle of the mixed colors can again be sampled, to get inbetween colors, and so forth. That, mixed with pressure-sensitive tablet, can result in smoothness. Bigger brushes for large areas, smaller for smaller areas. Using a small brush in large areas is one way to get messy smoothness. It might help to adjust tablet settings to be less sensitive, which would require you to press much harder to get full color. This helps with subtlety. As practice, you can do a solid color and mix another on top and try to get as smooth gradients as possible, with the aforementioned re-sampling technique.

    Good luck.

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    look at the free vids on

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