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    Palette Knife brushes now available

    The library contains 22 brushes, including both impasto and non-impasto variants.

    Details of the brush name codes are to be found in the ReadMe which accompanies the brushes. Below is a demo;

    Palette Knife brushes now available

    Tips and Pointers;

    All brushes with an 'i' prefix use impasto depth.

    These brushes are designed to be used directly on the canvas. To use them on a layer, first fill the layer with white using the paint bucket fill tool.

    To use the 'iP Knife- Clear varnish' brush, first apply media with the 'iLoaded P Knife-Neg-GRN' brush (or it's positive counterpart) and then use the clear varnish brush over the top.

    In order to minimise the 'flip back' effect at the beginning or end of the stroke I find it helps to do the following;

    1.Try to keep the brush moving in the direction you want the stroke to go, just prior to the stylus tip making contact with the surface of the graphics tablet and follow the stroke through.

    2.As the stroke often slightly lags, lift the stylus off the tablet just before you want the stroke to end.

    I have designed some of the brushes to produce a different effect dependent upon stylus pressure, so please feel free to experiment.

    Interesting effects may also be obtained by using one variant over the top of a different variant (as in the case of the clear varnish palette knife).

    Click here to go to download page. The brush library is available for Painter 6 (Mac and PC), as well as Painter 7.


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    thanks sandman, i am going to try these out.


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    hey thanks.. I tried em out.. I had to play around witht he opacity but they are fun.. Thanks much!
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