Hello my name is Robert Hoole and I am participating in the upcoming TornadoTwins Game Design Challenge that ends October 9'th.


About Me:
I am 26 and based in Houston Texas. I am new to game design, I have been working with 3D modeling software like blender and sketch up for about 3 years. I have a tiny bit of experience messing with Unity and I have been through all of the Tornado Twins FPS control tutorial videos.

In 2010 I started a company called Hit the Fan Studios, with the intent on creating both comic books and video games. Although the company hasn't taken off yet, we plan to launch our first game in 73 days at the end of the game design competition.

About the project:

The first game project HTFS is launching is a demo for our first full game titled: Streets of Thoriton. We're calling the Demo Streets of Thoriton: Zombies!. This demo is unrelated to the full title game, SoT: Zombies is a spin off first person zombie shooter set in the city of Thoriton.

The main purposes of the demo are to:
A. Build public following to our project.
B. Introduce the player to the world Streets of Thoriton is based in.
C. Prototype and play test many of the mechanics we are developing for the full version of the game.
But mostly.
D. We're doing it to prove to ourselves that we can create a fun and immersive game experience from scratch and have it finished for the competition.

What makes Streets of Thoriton different?

Thoriton is what makes our game different. Thoriton is a very unique city that is mechanically built to move and shift every hour on the hour. The main premis of our zombies demo is to show off the city itself and explain to the player how the city works by guiding them through each of the city's unique mechanics, You can find out much more about all of HTFS upcoming projects at http://hitthefanstudios.weebly.com/stre … riton.html


I am here today to recruit a team of people like myself and us at Hit the Fan Studios, who are just starting out in the world of game design, We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about learning game development and are serious about getting a fun and functional game submitted into the Tornado Twins Game Design Competition. We will happily accept anyone who is willing to help but particularly I would like to find someone who is strong with Unity and has some knowledge of FPS control.

Additionally we are looking for 3D modelers and concept artists. If you have one or more of these skills and are interested in joining this productive and ambitious team please email me at Robert.C.Hoole@gmail.com

Keep up with progress of Streets of Thoriton: Zombies! with my weekly Game Development Diary Update at our website above.

Thank you everyone for your time and see you at the competition October 9'th!
-Robert Hoole