Times being what they are and my situation just turning to the worse... I'm making myself available for projects... as long as they are paying.

That being said, I'm willing to work for way under my normal rates to get myself out of this bind.

My samples can be found at any and all of the following links:





Thanks for taking the time to look and hopefully, I'll be able to ink something for you... whether it be a cover, some sequential work or simply a sketch that you would love to see inked.

Keep in mind, I'm a member of the Cornerstone Creative Studios which is home to a ton of talented individuals from writers to letterers... Where Creativity is the Cornerstone of What We Are!

Figured I would probably be better off showing samples here in the event people don't want to look outside the forums... hope ya'll like what you see.

Collaborations... My inks, others pencils: