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Thread: noob to pro: a list of CA's epic progress sketchbooks

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    noob to pro: a list of CA's epic progress sketchbooks

    There was a bunch of TL;DR here earlier, which I'm cutting. Basically, I started this thread because I couldn't find one like it: a big list of the famous CA sketchbooks in which the artist progresses in skill from noob-ish all the way to pro level. This is meant to inspire people who worry that lack of "talent" is holding them back, or who are stuck in a rut and need a good kick in the ass, or who aren't sure what to study and want to see how others went about it.

    Help build this list! Reply with links to SB threads you think fit the bill, and I'll (probably) create a jokey Delorean banner for each artist.


    So, here we go. I'll update this list periodically as people contribute SBs.
    Some artists have two sketchbooks, for some reason. In those cases I'll link to both above their banner, but the banner itself will link to their most recent SB. Also, we need some women artists on here. It's a sausage-fest right now.

    Alexandr Pascenko: Old SB | New SB
    (I'm stretching the definition of "noob" here a little, but Alex is worth it. Check out his work after CA, too.)

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-alexandr-pascenko.jpg
Views: 9705
Size:  105.4 KB


    Name:  ca-noob-pro-algen.jpg
Views: 9593
Size:  86.1 KB

    Andrew Sonea
    (Again, I'm stretching the definition of "noob," for a good cause)

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-andrew-sonea.jpg
Views: 9569
Size:  76.8 KB

    Dave Rapoza

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-dave-rapoza.jpg
Views: 9681
Size:  77.2 KB


    Name:  ca-noob-pro-gloominati.jpg
Views: 9493
Size:  87.5 KB


    Name:  ca-noob-pro-jasper_.jpg
Views: 9354
Size:  82.5 KB

    kingkostas: Old SB | New SB

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-kingkostas.jpg
Views: 9560
Size:  80.4 KB


    Name:  ca-noob-pro-kjk.jpg
Views: 9104
Size:  81.8 KB

    Miles Johnston

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-miles.jpg
Views: 9364
Size:  81.9 KB

    (afaik, mostly good at art from reference, not imagination, but still great. Whatever happened to him anyway?)

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-mcm.jpg
Views: 9352
Size:  67.1 KB

    P E N Ricklund

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-P-E-N-Ricklund.jpg
Views: 9283
Size:  78.8 KB

    Raphael Luebke

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-raphael-luebke.jpg
Views: 9292
Size:  91.4 KB

    Sam Carr

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-samc.jpg
Views: 9375
Size:  77.0 KB

    Sebastian Gromann

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-sebastian-gromann.jpg
Views: 9306
Size:  92.1 KB


    Name:  ca-noob-pro-snatti.jpg
Views: 9287
Size:  108.2 KB

    Tugelbend: Old SB | New SB

    Name:  ca-noob-pro-tugelbend.jpg
Views: 8883
Size:  78.0 KB
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    Hey Diamond, yeah I do remember seeing a huge thread similar to this. Probably need to search it in the depths of the forums. These artists mentioned are a luxury that we were able to see progress, by luxury, I mean that there are many existing aspiring artists and professionals who very well worked just as hard or are working as hard, only difference are that not all of them record their journeys or even bother to. Also, don't forget that these artists would rather (my prediction due to observation) be known for their artistry rather than their journeys to become the individual they are now, since employers distinguish by portfolio and not a proof of commitment. I guess what I'm saying is always be open minded, we as members are lucky after all.

    Also, Jonathan worked from life, which I assure you is no easy task.

    You can check out Ricklund, he's awesome too. I would say Ville as well but most of his images or if not all are deleted.
    If you have a moment, Help me improve with critiques. thank you Sketchbook

    Awesome Sketchbooks
    nim Mechanical Man King Kostas
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    Hey diamandis, I just found this thread that you might be interested in. I haven't checked out all the links there yet so I don't know if all the images work or if the artists go from noob to pro or they're just pro, but thought I'd drop it here anyway.

    Complete List of Forgotten Sketchbooks

    I have a few saved sketchbooks on another computer that I'll have to go through to post later.
    I like this idea though! Hope a few more people get to posting their favorite sketchbooks!

    EDIT: There's also surus List of the Pencil Masters Sketchbooks if you want to check that out too.
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    Thanks for the links, people. Dayumn. This place has quite a history. Crazy that Sparth and Bobby Chiu are the first ones in that 5-star thread. Man, it's gonna take me forever to go through these, but I'll find some new people to look up to for sure.

    I also saw this thread in the lounge, where people post a couple before/after shots based on their time at CA so far, but that's not quite what I'm after either. I'm also realizing I should've posted this thread in that forum instead, whoopsies.

    I guess I'll keep updating the top post as I find more threads that fit the bill, and as others post good stuff. I think this kind of stuff would be really inspiration for newbies to see. It was definitely eye-opening for me when I first joined up a little while ago seeing the likes of snatti and Algen.
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    I personally love seeing this kind of progression, although in the back of my head it does make me regret all the years that I stopped drawing.
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    MODS: Is this thread an okay fit for this forum section, or would it be more appropriate somewhere else? It's up to you.

    All right, massive update to the main post. Phew! Realistically, it probably accomplishes what I meant it to (inspire noobs and in general freak people out) with just that big handful of artists, but I'm sure there are tons of people I'm missing. Add suggestions!
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    this is great topic for motivation and to show people (non artistic) who think you need talent to get in industry
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    Just wanted to thank Zenith for linking to that 5* sketchbook thread. Thats a goldmine for inspiration.
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    great thread diamandis. I would check out KJK~ aka parsakoira
    Sketchbook since 2012. Hop on over!
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    It's fine here, but I can move it to the Lounge if you want. And thanks, fun to see there's hope for us all.
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    Can I toot my own horn here? (I'm sure Black Spot can vouch for me )

    First page:
    Last page:

    (Although I wouldn't say I'm a pro yet, but getting there)
    "Never regret thy fall from grace, O' spirit of Icarian flight, for the greatest tragedy of them all to face, is to never feel the burning bright"
    Believe my lies, for I tell the truth about them. Or would you rather me lie about telling the truth?

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    What about Gabo Garza, he pretty much developed on the forums and has been posting consistently for years.
    Or, Min Yum.
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