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    Can't think of a title but some crits would be appreciated!

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    I looked through your sketchbook to get a better idea of where you are at and I want to say I think you are doing well for being 16 years old. Now to improve, you won't really learn much of anything by reading any anatomy books. You learn by doing. Do the work and also start drawing from life. This way, you start seeing light and dark in a way that is not possible looking at photographs.

    About this picture in particular, there are some serious problems with the anatomy. The head is off center, the arms look tiny, and the upper body too long. Do anatomy studies. And if you have life drawing sessions available where you live, go!

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    Well, at the first look it works quite well BUT you have some big anatomy/posing issue. You have to find references if you're not easy with it, no shame in that we (almost) all do it and luckily for you there are tone of this type. 1 minutes search in google:
    If I were you I'd blurr the branches in the foreground to give some off focus and depth to this picture.

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    Once my teacher told me "I saw it and I understood it; they explained to me and I forgot it; I did it and then I learned it". Take the loomis books and DO anatomy exercises. You say that you're not completely oblivious of anatomy but your work shows otherwise. The head is off centre, the torso is too long, the arms are short and there is not enough of the legs to see, but they seem to be in standing and seated position at the same time.

    Apart from that, the piece doesn't read well in terms of purpose. What is the main character doing? Is this a graveyard or just a natural place? The branches in the front seem like trees. Is he a giant? Where is the light coming from?

    The rendering looks nice, but is over a faulty drawing. Practice drawing, then values, then painting.
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    Thanks to both of you, I'll try to do the things you suggested. Though you brought up something else as well, which is that I should get a new monitor. Or calibrate it better somehow, because most of the things you mentioned are things that my monitor isn't even showing. They're pretty much pitch black. I didn't think the branches would show, nor are his legs intended to show, as they're more or less supposed to fade into the background.

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