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    soldier and his daughter wip

    Here is a character painting which I am working on at the moment. Its of a soldier and his daughter. Im thinking it is nearly there, just a bit of texture and then colour needs added. But would like to know if you guys have and critiques and suggestions that would make it better.

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    What's the story behind here? There seems to be stuff that indicate something went down (like the broken helmet) but the pic is staged like fairly average photoshoot at weddings/graduation.
    Also family relations are always kinda hard to show without overdoing it, but this easily comes off as "monster and pretty lady/beauty and the beast" type of image rather than family since without any story context, the man is too large to be even human compared to his adult/teen daughter and though the man has some quite distinct features (bushy eyebrows/big nose and lips/sloped forehead to the point he looks almost caveman-ish), the woman shares pretty much none of that. And though that could happen easily in real life, for the sake of the viewer it might be better to have the relation be bit more apparent.

    Also define your lightsource. It's unlikely the woman's face would be that well lit if none of the front armor is.
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    I can't really tell if it's intentional, but the daughter here-- which is significantly smaller than the soldier figure-- looks more or less like a tiny adult rather than a young child. Sycra had a great video on how proportions vary with age, I suggest you look that up on his YouTube channel.

    The armor looks prety decent though. Not really sure about the guy's face though-- doesn't look a lot like skin.

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    What are you using for reference? If you don't have any already get some images of actual father/daughter dyads so you can get the scale right. A quick google search and I found this dad with daughter in similar relationship at what you are working on.

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    What are you using for reference? If you don't have any already get some images of actual father/daughter dyads so you can get the scale right.

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    The anatomy of the father is really wonky. Seems as he would have really short legs compared to the torso (their knees are all at the same height while his hands are the size of her torso O_o) Make an anatomy study just for the bodies placement before adding any kind of clothing or armour.
    Also, more than a teen or a child looks like a huge dude (Hulk size) with a tiny adult. Take into account that with different ages the head to body ratio changes.

    In the likeness part, yesterday The Rock posted some pictures with his daughter for father's day. You can see how the family resemblance can pass from harder features to softer keeping the family likeness. Even if you want to make the guy look like a Cro-Magnon, she should share at least some features (unless she's adopted, then you should convey the relationship through other features such as clothing or hairstyle. Kids have their parents as models and learn through imitation.)
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