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    Venice Biennale: protests against Angela Vettese and the Norwegian representation

    55th Venice Biennale: protests against Angela Vettese and the Norwegian representation

    55th Venice Biennale: protests against Angela Vettese - Bevilacqua La Masa and the official Norwegian representation (Edvard Munch, Lene Berg). The angry protesters raised slogans as: "silence + indifference = m****"
    Infact, as regards public art institutions, nowadays in Venice (my city) the situation is simply surreal. Vettese-University-lobby in University IUAV, Bevilacqua La Masa, Biennale of Art, Palazzo Grassi, Punta Dogana, La Fenice, Art Enclosures (Fondazione Venezia), Querini Stampalia (ex Furla Prize), ArtLab (San Servolo) etc etc…

    From "La Nuova Venezia":

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    Unhappy Anti-german post by Angela Vettese: a diplomatic case Venice/Germany

    Full translation of the article below (with bad Google Translate). You get the idea.

    Anti- German in Italy
    Message about genocide Istan
    04.09.2013 ·

    Venetian culture Councillor Angela Vettese railed against Germany: Permanent destruction and murder are immovable on their list. With this view she is not alone in Italy .

    What distinguishes us from German ? " You have every fifty years trying to destroy the European single trials. They have continuously committed genocide of the Anabaptist rebels in Munster over the Jews to the Greeks . The next we are the Italians . " Harsh words that do not come from a nationalist hatred leaflet , but Venice's culture assessor of the city of Venice.

    Angela Vettese , one of the most renowned art critics in Italy , aesthetics professor of Milan elite university has made air after a mildly critical , translated into Italian article in the " Süddeutsche Zeitung " about Venice their anger via Facebook : "It's good to buy German cars, and it is good, to submit to the new colonizer . So we Italians have always done - adapt to the winner , part of our national character, " The outburst did not disappear quickly enough from the network to remain unnoticed. .

    In hate with the Berlusconi press combines
    Meanwhile, even the German study center , funded in a palazzo on the Grand Canal directly from the chancellor's office , asked irritated , as the scholars and scientists with that woman can continue to work together . In fact, with their knowledge of history Vettese would not indeed come to high school , but she agrees with full force in the swelling anti-German Bocksgesang the Mediterranean and shows up as a member of a center-left administration agree with the hate campaign by the Berlusconi press against the alleged subjugation by Germania .

    Signora Vettese has apologized for her outburst and , to make it any worse, refer to their special relationship with the Jewish community - as if this justified the racist characterization of the Germans as perpetrators of genocide born afterwards . The elegant " Communità Ebraica " Venice silent because even piqued . But instead , as now , to demand the resignation of Italian politicians uncultured culture councilor , you should be grateful to Germany .

    Because after all, Vettese says out loud what many think in Italy. What the euro , dominated by an Italian Central Bank President , will cause economic damage to another , is in sight. What has he done in the minds of people for the nationalist hatred in Europe , can no longer deny .

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    Lol, what the?

    Crazy people be crazy.

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