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    Critique request!

    Hello, so I started this fantasy character series. Its a personal thing that I just felt like doing for practice. I have yet to have a good critique for it. I have 2 characters so far. If anyone will give a good critique I would appreciate it.

    Name:  fantasy_series__human_huntress_by_amandaramsey-d5zg1m0.jpg
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    Name:  fantasy_series__human_berserker_by_amandaramsey-d63v3iq.jpg
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    Let's see. Seems that you are on the right path, but you could avoid a couple of pitfalls that I fell in time ago.

    1st: You've jumped into colour too quickly. Your base drawing is not anatomically correct and it shows through (e.g. the foreshortened arms are not reading well). You're drawing contours, not 3D shapes. This can be avoided on future paintings by spending some time just with pencil and paper, doing anatomy and gesture studies and drawing from life.

    2nd: Regarding values, they are all the same along the pieces. You have lots of local highlights but not a consistent overall light.

    3rd: The chainmail texture really doesn't work, it looks too detailed compared to the rest of the piece.

    Apart from that, and this si just a personal opinion, I see a generic female ranger and a generic male barbarian. The barbarian's small axe and chains seem to have no weight, and the big axe seems quite uncomfortable to wield with this sharp blades pointing towards the hands. If you want to make a scary looking but functional weapon, check DaVinci's designs. While the barbarian is wearing a nice sensible armour (although these shoulderpads could be revisited), the female ranger is wearing a lace and fur corset. That's not combat wear, that's lingerie. Remember that form follows function, or as a good friend told me, function sculpts the form. Somebody that it's supposed to blend with nature and fight in the canopy of the forest cannot be leaving so much shiny skin out in the open for light to shine on or anything else to pierce.

    Just my two cents Keep up the good work!!

    気計 - Quike
    "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.."

    The Spaniard's Sketchbook... No holds barred
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    I addition to what Quike just said, the hands are too small in the barbarian and they even alter in size, his right hand is way smaller than his left, I think if you did some hand studies it would be the icing on the cake to make these pieces look good. Also the hand of the first piece has all of her fingers the same length. Good understanding of armour anyway but do try to make it look less generic, maybe mix up his armour to show that he's had to take bits and pieces off different people to maintain a full set. Think about his history and his story and something will come, little pieces that you can add to make him your own.

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    I totally agree with quike on every point.
    Your sense of color and texture/detail are fine, its just proportions and whatnot that can be fixed with more drawing practice.

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    Thank you sooo much for this! I needed it! No one has ever given me a honest opinion before. It really gives me something to think about especially with the armor. I wasn't trying to make the girls look like lingerie XD but it's good to know how other people see it which helps a lot. Now I have idea's on what to work on and what to focus on. Thanks!!!!

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    Thanks everyone for the critique! It has given me a lot to think about and has motivated me to work harder to get things "perfect". Thanks also on the tips about armor that has helped and has given me ideas on how to approach more characters I draw/paint next. Thank you so so much!

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