Art: Shadowrun concepts - update post #1

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    Shadowrun concepts - update post #1

    Hi guys,

    here are some more recent concepts I did for shadowrun online (by Cliffhanger Productions)
    Check it out - it's going to be awesome!

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    Very cool!

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    These look great! I especially like the first guy, anymore to come?

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    Very cool, I like the design on the first guy and the dwarf, they stand out as cool even without the awesome rendering.

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    HEY!!!! Good to see you man. It's been ages! These are perfecto for if you wish. It is yours to use and abuse.

    Where are you at nowadays?

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    Hey guys - thanks for the replies - very flattering!

    Mothman - yes, many to come, once I get the NDA waiver. It's such a pain in the neck in our field of work, the best and most current stuff is always to be hidden on the drives..

    Jason - that's awesome to hear from you!! Are you going to be in Cologne for the GAMESCOM? Would love to meet up again! Thanks a lot for the gallery access - I'm feeling honored to put something up there!
    I've been running a design studio in Vienna for the last 3 years. 15 guys building Spaceships, Castles, Monsters, Tits and Roland Emmerich stuff, .. the usual stuff, haha. Check out our site: WIDESHOT.
    I've been thinking of you - something really big is on the horizon and once I get full confirmation I was meaning to PM you about that. Fingers crossed!

    What are you up to at the moment? Sure you're doing well

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    YESSS, my friend! great work.. Can you post more of these?

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    Nice! I love Shadowrun. These are so much better than the original book works.

    ---- -
    sehertu mannu narāṭu ina pānāt šagapīru ningishzidda
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    These are great! The colors are

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    these are really really awesome.
    BUT I took a look at the game.. none of those cool detail to be visible in the game.
    i see this alot witg to be visible in the game.
    i see this alot with concept art. the concepts look way cooler than the actual product.
    I think a little of that is ok but it should n't be totally lost.

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    Hey, cool characters! I keep thinking, how does the little redhead guy lift that gun, lol?

    No idea about Shadowrun or games etc in general, just wanted to comment on the art, hope you don't mind.

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    Hi guys,

    thanks a lot for the kind replys - I surely hope I can share some more concepts for this game soon!

    Izi: Thanks a lot for the compliment!

    ImageScribe: Thank you!

    Tad: I agree, concept art very often exceeds the look and detail that is later achieved in-game. But especially in this case, since it is a browser game, poly-count and texture space are so limited that the in-game look can only preserve very little of the design detail. However, these were meant to be marketing representations of the actual 3D characters which I find turned out amazing considering the technical restrictions. But, I agree, man - I'd love to have seen them in a powerful AAA engine

    Candra H:
    Haha, you are right, the dwarf could never lift this heavy gatlin-gun alone. But there is a back story I should have mentioned - he is an aircraft rigger who equips and rigs choppers and jets and then connects his neural system with the cockpit systems. This gun is just a heavy chopper gun that he is about to mount on an assault chopper..
    Don't mind your comment at all - thanks for stopping by!

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    I love the belly on the first character! beautiful work!

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    nice work! just checked the wideshot website, i wonder why i never heard of that studio before! really great work and nice project list!

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