Couldn't find a thread about this, surprisingly, so I'll just go ahead and make this.

I am about this close to banging my head against the desk about this case. To keep it short, I'm anal about posting my work online while unsure about whether my metadata is implemented in the files. Why? 'Cause I'm paranoid about art thieves.** I've searched and researched about metadata and the tools available for reading and editing it. Even the role it could play in court. Say I couldn't rely on my budget to cover expenses on copyrighting my all of my work(I do ALOT of drawing), what else could I do to cover my ass? I know the copyright is made as soon as I've made the artwork to begin with, but I feel that's not enough to stick. I don't have Adobe Bridge or ACDSee Pro to ensure my metadata is within my files and the only other capable open-source browser, digiKam, is basically broken to all hell unless you're running Linux. My only best bet is Picasa but it falls so INCREDIBLY short on the case of metadata. So with this in mind, I ask:

Do y'all care about metadata in your artwork/photos of your art? If so, what do you do with it? How do you manage with it?? Do you even manage your work to some degree??

**: I'd rather this not turn into a discussion about whether my art is good enough to steal or not, thanks.