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    Ravenseye Studios Travis Lacey 2011 - 2013 art drop

    Hey everyone!

    I haven't posted some work on here in a while so please enjoy some of the work I've done over 2011-2013. Thanks for checking it out!

    I am currently looking for a new employer so if you know of any open positions at your company and think I could fill the roll, shoot me a message and I'll send over my resume!

    Again thank you kindly for your time checking out the art!

    I also started a blog that I update consistently if your a blogger.

    Here's some of the art I did over the year and a half I was with S2 GAMES.

    Name:  bushwhack_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5re41u.jpg
Views: 449
Size:  201.9 KB

    Name:  salomon_concept_hon_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5vf4er.jpg
Views: 2190
Size:  154.0 KB

    Name:  brutavious_hon_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5yo0v0.jpg
Views: 423
Size:  163.2 KB

    Name:  jin_chan_devourer_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d614zgu.jpg
Views: 1256
Size:  131.3 KB

    Name:  gnarwhal_kracken_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d606stg.jpg
Views: 397
Size:  128.5 KB

    Name:  master_assasin_sil_alt__by_ravenseye1113-d58wxz8.jpg
Views: 387
Size:  113.0 KB

    Name:  vindicator_pollywog_corrupted_warlock_by_ravenseye1113-d52r67t.jpg
Views: 379
Size:  185.2 KB

    Name:  magnetic_flux_by_ravenseye1113-d5ccymh.jpg
Views: 369
Size:  181.6 KB

    Name:  zenifir_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5iamhx.jpg
Views: 538
Size:  123.5 KB

    Name:  muskateer_gladiator_heroes_of_newerth_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5fj2xf.jpg
Views: 614
Size:  160.3 KB

    Name:  pirate_gunblade_heroes_of_newerth_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5glpnn.jpg
Views: 778
Size:  119.3 KB

    Name:  rage_bane_by_ravenseye1113-d5ccwmk.jpg
Views: 385
Size:  113.3 KB

    Name:  headless_horseman_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5jnvyo.jpg
Views: 455
Size:  146.4 KB

    Name:  hook_madman_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5hempf.jpg
Views: 397
Size:  95.3 KB

    Name:  soccor_bubbles_heroes_of_newerth_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5g8xp7.jpg
Views: 356
Size:  124.1 KB

    Name:  pollywog_priest_alt_by_ravenseye1113-d4xurdm.jpg
Views: 407
Size:  169.0 KB

    Name:  dawnbringer_and_grimore_of_power__by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5vujtz.jpg
Views: 358
Size:  139.5 KB

    Name:  axe_of_ra_by_ravenseyetravislacey-d5vuk9l.jpg
Views: 360
Size:  83.0 KB

    This is some various work I've done.

    Name:  apocalyptic ocean side web.jpg
Views: 369
Size:  662.4 KB

    Name:  calm landscape web.jpg
Views: 348
Size:  592.0 KB

    Name:  Del-noBleeds.jpg
Views: 355
Size:  1.12 MB

    Name:  line drawings 3 random landscapes final web.jpg
Views: 358
Size:  954.7 KB

    Name:  lion web.jpg
Views: 348
Size:  625.0 KB

    Name:  of fire and ice web.jpg
Views: 339
Size:  1.01 MB

    Name:  overgrown city web.jpg
Views: 512
Size:  632.9 KB

    Name:  random thumb web.jpg
Views: 337
Size:  734.2 KB

    Name:  Robb Stark and Grey Wind web.jpg
Views: 421
Size:  329.7 KB

    Name:  smells and sensations web.jpg
Views: 338
Size:  676.8 KB

    Name:  snow leopard yo web.jpg
Views: 417
Size:  816.7 KB

    Name:  the_king travis_lacey web 2.jpg
Views: 325
Size:  658.4 KB

    Name:  woods lake villiage web.jpg
Views: 361
Size:  588.9 KB

    Name:  the swamps at the end.jpg
Views: 325
Size:  759.4 KB

    Name:  Being consumed by colors web.jpg
Views: 318
Size:  950.3 KB

    Name:  cryo tech labs web.jpg
Views: 322
Size:  943.9 KB

    Name:  desert caverns web.jpg
Views: 307
Size:  555.5 KB

    Name:  flowers in the forest web.jpg
Views: 300
Size:  758.8 KB

    Name:  plane down web.jpg
Views: 302
Size:  609.7 KB

    Name:  thums_of_guns web.jpg
Views: 301
Size:  842.2 KB

    Name:  plasma elite web.jpg
Views: 295
Size:  896.2 KB

    Name:  Road warrior web.jpg
Views: 293
Size:  487.4 KB

    Name:  little village concept web.jpg
Views: 337
Size:  625.0 KB

    Name:  over growth city scape web 2.jpg
Views: 292
Size:  744.8 KB

    Name:  sci fi city web.jpg
Views: 299
Size:  936.1 KB

    Name:  Sand fortress study web.jpg
Views: 311
Size:  887.8 KB

    Name:  Good old cowboy shoot out web.jpg
Views: 290
Size:  702.7 KB

    Name:  ship base on reganr prime web.jpg
Views: 291
Size:  948.2 KB

    Lastly A project I am working on. Overgrowning my home town of Kalamazoo Michigan.

    Name:  Kalamazoo_overgrown_web1.jpg
Views: 281
Size:  541.4 KB

    Name:  Kalamazoo_overgrown_rad_web.jpg
Views: 272
Size:  354.9 KB

    Name:  Kalamazoo_overgrown_stadium_web.jpg
Views: 273
Size:  409.9 KB

    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Last edited by Ravenseye; June 11th, 2013 at 08:20 PM.
    Website: Ravenseyestudios

    Sketchbook: Link

    Deviant art:
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    If your interested in keeping up with my work. Check out my blog!

    Some more work I did for S2 Games

    Attachment 1800649

    View his video here - Thanks to Lightningcold.

    Attachment 1800651

    View his video here - Thanks to Lightningcold.

    Attachment 1800650

    View his video here - Thanks to Lightningcold.

    Website: Ravenseyestudios

    Sketchbook: Link

    Deviant art:
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    boy you've been busy!!
    it's good to see such a bustling body of work

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