Want a chance to train with Dan Dos Santos? I can't keep my spot with the upcoming TLC Workshop. Just e-mail me @ troglodytic@gmail.com and I'll get you set up to take over.

Book Cover Illustration with Dan Dos Santos,
Fri-Sun, July 26-28. $495.

In this 3 day workshop, Dan dos Santos will go over his process, specifically as it pertains to cover work. Students will work alongside the artist, as they execute their own paintings. Topics covered will include: composition, photo reference, and oil painting techniques. Even though a large portion of the class will be geared specifically towards oil painting techniques, the lessons and methods that Dan will go over can be applied to any media, including digital. Limit: 15 students. Class is booked! Act now!

All workshops will be held at Arts Umbrella in the eclectic Country Village located just outside of Bothell, WA.