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    Critique needed.

    I would very much appreciate critique from well-practiced concept artists, illustrators, or graphic artists. Thank you!

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    What are you looking forward to get from a critique? Do you want critiques on technical aspects? Composition? Anatomy? Colour?
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    Best piece of advice I can offer you is: Lurk in the Critique Center for at least a couple weeks, read other people's threads and what critiques they get.
    You'll start to notice patterns of common critiques for beginner and they'll apply to your work. If you still don't know how to improve your work, try posting one piece here (saying what the intended purpose of the piece is) and then we can help.

    Posting a bunch of images and not being clear what they're for makes it hard to critique. That's the sort of thing more suited to a sketchbook, where you showcase your work as a whole and get feedback on general areas to improve. The Critique Center is more for work on specific pieces.

    That said, here are a couple of specific critiques:

    - Dragon anatomy not great. Did you use reference? It looks very flat and no texture.

    - What's happening with the second image? What's that black thing? What's the story? Is it supposed to be a snow scene? It looks as though you just didn't make a background.

    - Image with the giraffe and elephant: Why are they wearing hats? What's the story with the plane in the background? The plane looks like it came out of your head with no reference -- no perspective, uneven, doesn't look like a solid thing. Also I had to look at the image for ages before I even saw the plane. There's a bit of a tangent with the giraffe's nose. I thought the explosion was a dandelion for a long while -- look up pictures of what explosions actually look like, don't just make it up. Why is there a black outline and such low contrast other than that?

    - Last image: Squished anatomy, elongated proportions.

    General advice:

    1. Get Loomis's Figure Drawing for All It's Worth.
    2. Drop down to just using pencil while you're learning to draw (digital it's too easy to just use tools to throw to something that fools you into thinking it looks okay without understanding the fundamentals).
    3. Study the fundamentals: proportion, anatomy, perspective, value.
    4. Make a Sketchbook thread to post your progress.
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    I'm sorry to butt in, as I'm neither a well-practiced concept artist, illustrator, nor graphic artist, but there are some things that caught my eye:

    The way the wings of the dragon fold seems off to me, as well as their positioning on the back. Whatever he is spewing looks too liquid to be a fire, maybe changing the form would work. Also, if it is a fire, there should be more reflections on the dragon from it.

    The form of the hand looks alright to me, apart from the thumb, the way the base and the proximal phalanx connect seems off: The phalanx is a bit too straight and there should be more wrinkles. Also, having a strong light source so close to it should logically generate deep shadows.

    About the war picture: I didn't realize there was a war going on until I hovered over the picture to see the title. I'm not sure what you wanted to bring across, but both foreground and background have the same values. Is the big orange thing in the background the sun? or something shiny? then the animals (which are awesomely drawn imo) should be way darker. That border around them looks misplaced and adds to the flatness of the picture.

    I can't say much about your "design" and "earth" pictures since I presume they should look abstract-ish. The only thing disturbing me are the arms of the "design"-figure. The upper arm is longer than the lower arm, the wrist seems too narrow and the left arm is longer than the right arm.

    That aside, I like those clean lines you did on "earth" :3

    EDIT: Gah, Lulie beat me to it. Disregard anything I wrote and go study Loomis (I should, as well).
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