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    Is anyone else getting nerd-chills by the new Mac Pro?

    I mean I'm no fan of Apple due to their restrictive 'walled garden' philosophies but this thing makes me more than a little excited. I imagine it'll be priced at about 2x the cost of buying the actual parts separately, which is what would stop me from buying it, but damn I'd buy the thing just for the brilliance of the design. Not just aesthetically but this unified thermal core is brilliant (assuming it works as awesomely as they say).
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    Is anyone else getting nerd-chills by the new Mac Pro?
    ...which is only my opinion.
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    Sorry dude im such a PC. i got a Lenovo with all mod cons but looks like it cost about £50 from the pawn shop. Looks like total crap. Its the computer equivalent of that car Ryan Gosling ecsapes the filth in at the beginning of Drive.
    It loves a 10000px multiplayered PSD and several instances of 3DSMax at one time, but any thief would ignore it in favour of fancy looking Macbooks. Suckerrrr
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    Nope. One could likely build a more powerful machine from parts for half the price, anyway.

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    Yup, I did, but I think I need help. I've already got IOS 7 installed on my iPhone and OSX Mavericks on my 15" Macbook Pro Retina. Couldn't help myself, they sent me a link!

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    The concept is cool, but for me.. Never.
    I'm too much of a PC fanboy.

    I choose value for money over looks when it comes to these type of things.

    I just don't like Apple's restricted policy and limited upradability options.
    But that aside, the concept is really cool (there's a possible pun in there... budum tss)and I'm sure if it is effective it'll weave its way thoughout into other cases.... Oh wait *snap* those horrible patent wars...

    Yeah, never mind...
    Great one Apple! You're slowly but surely destroying humanity from progressing further with your pathetic patents... lol.

    As for looks though, I still prefer their previous iterations of the Mac Pro.

    My 2c.
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