As an ever growing artist, I've found I really enjoy creating, writing, and drawing characters. However as of late I've been looking into how I create and draw them. I'm not very technical - my anatomy is not as good as it could be and I don't have patience for technical perspective-grid drawings. But I like the gesture, the essence, the very nature of the characters that I draw. For me writing and creating a character from the ground up - personality, quirks, interests, etc. - is what I like to do the most. Words/Ideas into art if it were.

As I'm looking forward to new transitions, I've begun to wonder - where do I fit in on the artist food chain? I originally wanted to be a concept artist for film and/or games, however as the economy hit and we're losing money in the film industry from outsourcing/other internal struggles. What happened to Rhythm & Hues and other companies just like them is certainly making me nervous!

My questions for the concept artists / character designers here:

1) How much writing/creating do the artists who draw the official art of any film/video game contribute? Or is there a separate team for that?

2) How much hope do we have as younger artists looking for work with big companies closing down their doors?