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    Talking Need some information/critique if you don't mind

    Hey guys, I just signed up on here, was curious if I could get some honest feedback. We have just recently launched our first project on kickstarter and it is doing horrible imo. Myself, I am not an animator but I am tied with 3 guys that are, which are my partners in the business. As I am the one taking care of the KS page, website, fb etc. I am trying to reach out to online communities to see what other people have to say about the project. It is currently on kickstarter but I am posting the link to youtube so that you won't think I am just trying to bolster looks or what not.

    My research so far has come up with if it wasn't 2D it would be interesting...or we're just asking too much... the bat is great but... but then i get a lot of people who praise. So I really need some feedback. Of course if you pledge I am not going to be upset, =)

    Here is the link to the video on YouTube. If you want to see the other artwork that has been posted on the KS page feel free to check it out too. Again, looking for honest opinions, do you think this project is work pursuing as a 2D traditional animation? Is it something you see has potential? What would make it interesting for you?

    Thanks for all the feedback in advance

    Crooked Frame Studios

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    Hey Dennis!

    Wow, you've got some awesome potential here! There are aspects of the animation that are really terrific. I know you've gotten the praise already, so let me see if I can help with some constructive criticism that might actually HELP you guys:

    1) You're goal is too high. I'm not sure the level of fanbase you currently have, but even very popular animators/artists will have a tough time getting almost a quarter of a million dollars on Kickstarter. I know animation is expensive, but that goal is unreasonable in my opinion. You'd need a HUGE fanbase that was very excited about the project to pull off something like that. You raised nearly $3000, which is not chump change, so clearly there is an interest there. It's just not $200,000 interest.

    2) The animation is very nicely done, but it suffers from two major problems: Timing and composition. For ME, I think the timing is fine. But for the crazy now-now-now world we live in, things moved much too slowly. The bat looked around the shelf too long, and struggled against the shelf too long, and the exchange to the wizard was too long... Etc. Etc. It needs some editing so people don't lose interest. Com positionally, you're using too many medium-long shots. Look at this comparison:

    Name:  composition_wizard.png
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Size:  320.3 KB

    The shot on the left works well to set up the scene, but it isn't where you should be animating the scene. It's too much negative space. When you get in closer, the audience is more "into" the shot and will be less bored. Likewise throughout the piece you have too much negative space. This lends itself to "not much is going on" which only compounds the slow-pace timing you already have. So people stop watching.

    3) Who ever said "It would be interesting if it wasn't 2D" is out of their mind. Okay, that's too harsh, but they honestly have a personal bias because it doesn't matter WHAT medium you use (2D, 3D, stop-motion, papercut) if you make a great film, people will watch it. Don't shy away from 2D because some guy told you he doesn't like 2D. Go see how many copies of Snow White Disney still sells on DVD and tell me people don't want to watch 2D anymore. They just want to watch GOOD 2D. Or GOOD 3D. The key here is the "good" part. Animation wise you've got plenty of "good" it's just that timing/composition thing that's really holding you back.

    That's where I'd start, with those things. I hope it's been somewhat helpful. These are just my own thoughts, and I'm the first to admit I'm no genius. So I highly suggest you keep getting input from many sources. Not every bit of advice will be helpful/useful. Keep at it and keep polishing and eventually you can create something (on a reasonable budget) that people will love. All the best!

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