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Thread: Art thesis help

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    Art thesis help

    Hello i'm currently working on my art thesis but have no idea how to get from an idea to a theme to the main topic (problematic) of my thesis. I'm a graphic design student and here are my two main ideas
    -Sprituality: history of religions, symbolism in beliefs, reincarnation and cycle of life in general
    I'm really interested in the proceess and metaphore of reincarnation that we can find in the buddha teachings and basically most modern religions. "iF MAN DOESNT DIE A THOUSAN TIMES, HE DIES A MISERABLE DEATH" In life we go through moral, and spiritul deaths through obstacles and experiences and come out victorious (or not) we are reborn several times----

    -Anecdotes: Well this is not the theme i was going for but after talking to my supervisor about a scenario i had for a comic book and also telling him that i was inspired from an anecdote that my mum told me he suggested that my main theme sould be anecdotes...How are anecdotes related to Graphic design, how and where do i start me research?

    I'm looking for books to read and anything else that could help me find THE topic; because right now not only am i lost but i'm not going anywhere with my ideas.

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    If you ask me, you should be writing about how art is sex drawing.

    No, seriously. I mean, I didn't fail that class, so I must have been doing something right.
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    I think you'll get a lot more out of the first one, since all I can think about upon seeing "how are anecdotes related to graphic design" is "Time to bullshit it".

    For Spirituality, study renaissance art, some of the stuff the Old Masters did, and study stuff like Tryptics and altar pieces. Check out the Sistine Chapel for some real fun. Or, wtf was his name.. Bernini? Who the hell won the commission for some new church doors because he did them, and then actually replaced the old doors with the ones he created? I get the feeling that happened more than once. He was one of the more hated artists because he pulled shit like that.

    --edit-- What are some good art history books to read.. My art history has gotten rusty.. VERY rusty..
    The usual staples for anatomy:
    George Bridgman
    Joseph Sheppard
    Andrew Loomis

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