Hello all,

My name is Mats. I'm 27 years young.

I finally found myself the courage to make a Sketchbook here

I've been drawing for a few years and used the conceptart.org forums almost since the beginning
to challenge myself to get better. Sometimes i see the artwork you guys make and i think by myself
can i ever make something as nice as those pieces. There was a period of time i didn't draw that much
but now i got the motivation to get better and better. I really want to make some nice pieces of art.

Most of the time i draw with a pencil or pen. But a few months back i finally got myself an intuos 4.
Since i got the wacom now im trying to expand my skills to digital work aswell. I'm not really good
at digital artwork and i'm doing my best to get better at it. In this sketchbook there is some of
my latest work. ( i might update it with some older work later on.)

Anny advice and crits will be more than welcome.

Here is some of my work enjoy.

Deep sea explorer looking at giant jellyfish.
Name:  Deep sea stalkerc.jpg
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Kingfisher bird
Name:  ijsvogecleanl.jpg
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A butterfly in an icecave
Name:  icecave butterfly.jpg
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Tornado on a field
Name:  tornadocleanc.jpg
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A cat of a friend of mine as a dragon.
Name:  fonsdragpm.jpg
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Name:  wacomtry3.jpg
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a portret of a friend of mine.
Name:  randomevablackwhite (1)c.jpg
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Just a doodle
Name:  dotd1.jpg
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A lion ( made in paint )
Name:  lion final1.jpg
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Ironman ( don't ask )
Name:  ironman fup.jpg
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The Hulk ( made in paint )
Name:  Hulk 4.jpg
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Don't ask ( made in paint )
Name:  doramurlex.jpg
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A gecko ( made in paint )
Name:  geckosmall.jpg
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Mona lisa hippystyle ( made in paint )
Name:  mona lisa hippystyle.jpg
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A friend as a zombie
Name:  zombie astrid 4.jpg
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Name:  masterchief smal.jpg
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