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    Sculpture: Apoxy, Epoxy saftey concern?

    I've been getting more into detailed sculpture lately, and it's lead me to consider using two either magic sculp or Apoxy sculpt for certain things, and then mounting them on a super-sculpey main sculpture. This means that whatever two part solution I use is going to spend some quality time in my kitchen oven with the rest of the sculpey.

    Is there a danger in this at all? I recall seeing something about gas being released last time I looked, but I couldn't find any posts regarding it this time around. Thanks in advance!
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    I've never heard of it in relation to epoxy putties. Looking things up, it seems like you'd have to go above 200°C (unlikely?) and the resulting gasses include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and aldehydes. Probably a drop in the ocean compared to what could come out of the super sculpey, but don't quote me. Do a search for the MSDSs for each product. (Although there's an online australian MSDS for apoxie sculpt that makes it sound worse than plutonium, compared to the direct Aves version I've got buried around here somewhere!)

    Though the better answer might be, why not bake the sculpey first, and add the putty bits afterwards?
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