Hi Guys!

I am not sure of placing my question here in international forum but let me ask you.

Very clear. I want to study art. I want to became traditional painter- for movies or games industry. I have no clue how to reach it. For me and for my spirit is not enough practicing by my own. I really feel like study it with some educated person. I really feel I need to be educauted in this way. Not only practicing. I was wondering about schools or courses where and which is worth to take it.

-Location: Belgium or bigger city with good connection from Antwerp- also possible.

Second question. I was working for a while in codemasters. And I know how these bigger company fuction they want to keep and educate their own people. That what I understand. Regards to I am living in Belgium I was thinking about Ubisoft situated in Antwerp and closeby. But whith them I have no experience if they offer some training programms? That is actually question for you guys if I can uses those big companies like ubisoft here to udacete myself. What it cost?

Thank you so much for responds.