I'm working for an NGO to improve motorcycle culture in (South) Korea as a volunteer.

The petition link is here:

How many of you ever thought about "Riding motorcycle on highway/freeway is just dangerous so that it need to be prohibited on highways."?

Most of fifty millions people in Korea actually believe in and fully support the motorcycle highway prohibition law as of 2013. For them the Sun just revolves around Earth over and over. While the rest of world consider them complete idiots or retarded bunch.

The historical fact is Korean riders had been riding motorcycles on highways until 1972 when the military regime passed the motorcycle prohibition law whatever made-up reason for the corrupted power at that time. Exactly 40 years passed since then. South Korea became a member of the forty industrialized countries from one of poorest countries.

I'm a biker 13 years of experiences. One day I dropped by a relative's house who have two daughters. I remember it was one and half year ago. I got surprised at two nephews reaction, especially the older one who was early 10s. She have asked me several times since then
"Uncle, when you give me a ride?" I maintained silence all the time whenever she brought up this troublesome subject.

One reason is because even though I really like to give her ride, motorcycle culture of this country is nightmarish honestly speaking. So I keep delaying "yes" answer until she becomes adult. Maybe I'm end up dead or lost bike by accident before it will ever happens. I'm a just number of odd probability.

If the motorcycle environment is up to international standard, I could have gave her rides few times already. But it's far from my expectation.

What the government has done to create this hellish situation:
Prohibit motorcycles on highways - 1972
Give permit of motorcycle operation under regular automobile/truck drive license
Remove professional motorcycle schools for education
Remove strict motorcycle license exam and registration, insurance policy.
Helmet law of motorcycle without severe penalty
Automotive insurance excludes Fire/Theft coverage from motorcycle owner
'Automotive Only Road' law passed that prohibit motorcycles section of public road or lanes - 199x.

South Korea seems as a republic country under democracy. When it comes to motorcycle, the country turns into a lawless, chaotic third world nation where only MONEY and luck matters. For example a teenage can walk in a local motorcycle shop with CASH and ride any type of machine from 50cc scooter to 1,000cc+ sportbike. It's easy to spot reckless new riders who are zipping around city streets, most of them are young: no motorcycle license, no helmet, probably no insurance.

By all standard Korean language dictionaries motorcycle means "a bicycle with an engine on it." What a lovely, retarded definition it is. Yet experts or scholars wouldn't bother to look into and fix it. This was ancient definition of motorcycle in late 19th century.

I remember father or parents encourage their children to take courses in established motorcycle schools. Some newbies even mentioned their parents helped them start riding. Being good parents or family member is to educate children and encourage the right ways not just exercising authority over and over.

I see if human or animal who is educated under strict suppression and brutal punishment against their mistakes, they will one day run away or bite the master. In macroscopic scale it represents the bloody, destructive revolution as many written in past history.

Even in modern science authority and number dictates scientific truth. Doesn't it? The more a discovery or theory is brilliant and revolutionary, the harder suppression and subtle manipulation among scientists, calling them as truth seekers, go against fellow scientist.

Biased information and manipulated scientific facts, absurd laws that are protected from legal challenge under the constitutional rights built an outrageous matrix. Handful of riders who says the truth, what's been wrong are accused as idiots even threatened by authorities. I've been limiting my activity in online but still my family members treat me as an idiot. "It's none of their fucking business. There is no money by doing it rather harms. Why bother?"

I assume any reader who reads this post must have seen the Psy's Gangnam Style on the net. Psy is a male singer in South Korea. Should I contact him and beg for a mercy of mighty pop hero? Who knows he might have decent conscience. Hmm

What's the best medium to move peoples' mind so that the petition get more signs?
I want to hear your opinions. I'm planning to make few pages of black and white illustrations. I'll bribe my nephew also to sign the petition. ^^

Thanks for reading.