Photoshop lags with MacBook Pro Retina...

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    Question Photoshop lags with MacBook Pro Retina...

    I'm working with a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet (without the touch feature), photoshop CS6 (cloud version) and a MacBook Pro Retina. Compared to my work on a PC I encountered different small "problems" with this combination of tools because Photoshop or the Mac has some time lags when for example the lasso tool is used and lines with it drawn by pointing on new coordinates. With each new point set there is a small time lag which makes working this way very hard. With some brushes (I had no problems with on the PC) there also is a small delay... but for most of them I could change the brush settings, so they work acceptable.

    Does anyone of you encountered the same problems and is there a solution to fix this? I already have the newest drivers and stuff btw. Right now I think this just isn't the right system to work with for creating digital art.

    Thank you for your help and feedback!


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For the brushes, have you tried experimenting with zoom level, size of brush as well as the smoothing option? Smoothing and drivers on Mac has shown to be a problem on mac many times before as the raw drivers seems flawed on certain systems. (Just check the shoelace problem thread and see how comparisions between mac and pc are very different even with the same tablet and settings).

Zoom level and your graphics card/open GL settings may cause lag in my experience, having the "wrong" settings for AA can give you just a tiny bit of lag when you put down your tool/brushmark for the first time, which overall makes the experience very annoying.

In CS6, brushes (especially smudge for some reason) behaves differently depending on what size they are and what size they were "preset" to. This is afaik a known bug that will be taken care of, at some point.

All these micro-problems together can create a lot of un-wanted laggyness, so check them one at a time. Also make sure you have at least 4gb of ram. If you have any less, running cs6 on any system is just a pain and would require you to set aside page and all ram available properly for the program to function at all. You'd have to go back to CS1 or CS2 to be able to do much of anything.

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