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Thread: Wacom Cintiq 13HD

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    Wacom Cintiq 13HD

    Found an updated post dealing with people talking about the Cintiq. So most of this information is pointless. Feel free to delete. Until then here is a link to the active convesation topic:

    I haven't seen anyone bring this up outside of sketchbooks and random mentions, so hopefully this will be helpful. This has been available for a couple weeks already. My big question is yes or no? To buy or not to buy. I will gladly update this is it proves to be useful.

    I have been trying to monitor the reaction people are having with the new Cintiq 13HD and I wanted to open it up to you guys.

    Wacom is releasing this and I admit that the saucy presentation and fluffy video are making my tumbly a little rumbly in joyful anticipation. I have had my Cintiq 21 UX for close onto 5+ years now and it is starting to show it... the display is as dull as ever... half the backlight brightness of my new monitor. Seriously it feels like I'm looking at the sun and the moon side by side. It stops reading my pen occasionally, there are various minor pixel burns, scratches... So basically I am looking at making a new investment. I imagine there are many people about to jump on board with me but are curious about whether or not it is a good investment.

    Unfortunately, getting an honest critique of the new... Cintiq is proving to be a little harder then I expected. YouTube has been flooded with a variety of amateur and not so amateur reviews that don't feel particularly helpful to me as a digital artist but I have gathered a few details that seem to be common denominators.

    + The new pen is supposedly phenomenal, The increase in pressure levels I thought were just a marketing gimmick but it appears that people are getting more control out of it then ever before.
    + The pen comes with replaceable tips with different textures. I don't know if this is new or not, but drawing on my older Cintiq and intuos tablet is like writing on ice - the friction is so low. The idea that you can have emulate different surfaces via pen tip is exciting to me.
    + The monitor screen is supposedly able to handle the textured nobs without being damaged. I don't know how long term that can be though the device has only been out for a short time.
    + The heat. The cintiq 13HD seems to not generate a lot of warmth after long periods of use. This is different from my UX which turns my room into a sauna during the day.
    + Monitor screen is supposedly brighter (backlit) stronger and better than ever.
    + Slim/light 2.5 lb(I think?) design means I can travel with it along with my laptop.
    + The stand seems much more ergonomic and far less cumbersome then previous stand designs, and comes with a variety of angles. Seems better than UX's 'flexible' angles.

    - This is not the Wacom dream tablet device everyone seems to have wanted. You still need wires and you still need a direct connection. This is a pretty big deal for some people.
    - I'm personally not a fan of the button interfaces Wacom designs, I leave my hand on the keyboard for shortcuts. The new redesigns and additional buttons are still not at the same intuitive level other devices have already reached years ago. So as much as I would like to draw with this thing on my lap, I will still need to be near a desk/keyboard setup.
    - I cant help but be a little disappointed by the 13" widescreen. I've been spoiled by the giant open surface of my older UX though so this is me being a baby.
    - I am not convinced that the light weight stand has the strength to resist artist pummeling down on the device the way the cumbersome older device has withstood time.
    - No long term testing by artists yet, so several positives might not work out in the end (surface durability for example)

    * I don't know if this has touch screen capabilities. I believe it does with on screen keyboard. Confirm?
    * $999 pricetag. Is it worth it based on info? Hard to say at this point. What do you think?
    * How many reviewers got the device for free? That may have a pretty big influence on positive and negative reviews...


    Sources and reviews:

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