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    Vivid Artist for Image

    I'm the creator or Earth Dragons, and I have been working to turn this into a reality for sometime. I have had many set backs with it, but I am happy to announce that I am working with an Animator on one of the scenes found in the story. I am pretty excited about it! But, enough about that. I am looking for something else for this, I have this image in my head, and I want to finally go after a strong showing of it. I am looking for a style that has a lot of character behind it, and very detail oriented. I am very interested in the use of colors as well. I usually put a range as far as how much I will pay for a good image. But, I think I want to hear what you have to say about it, and I will see if I can match it.

    Here is the image:

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    The Dragons would appear as almost a mural in a rotated square. The Lava Dragon sits outside of the box with a young boy that appears in the story. The story line is what “How to train your dragon” was except completely different relationship. Both he and the Lava Dragon have to stop these other Six from killing off the human race. So in this image attached the dragons will be looking at the two of them almost as if they are coming after them. The boy and the dragon are facing the challenge. They are sitting in a White surrounding. The 6 stare at the boy and the dragon outside the square with the four black triangles on the sides being made up of space/stars. Also Stars “Sirus A” and “Sirus B” can be found on the top and bottom triangle. These stars are where these dragons came from.

    I wanted take the artist on a walk, and have them get a imagine in their heads of the dragons:

    The dragons are walking through a cloud or mist, when they come to a break; a wall of mist at the end. On the other side is a clearing, as their faces emerge from the mist all we see is their faces, and the mist almost as a backdrop surrounding their heads. It would be cool to see a bit of streams coming off their faces as well, with the color in their design that shows up the most. They were almost created from the mist or energy.

    Here are the images of the dragons that have already been done:

    Name:  where_the_wild_things_are03.jpg
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    Send all Inquiries to this address here:

    I am looking forward to checking out your work, and the possibility of collaborating with you on my baby project.


    Jon R. Portrey

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