I want to get a group together for regular Sunday drawing and art development sessions which can be held in my warehouse space.
The idea is to get a few people together who want to work on their portfolios. We would decide on a theme, then pool our resources in order to produce individual pieces of work within the common theme.

Ideally, the individual pieces would pull together to create a series which would make a much stronger portfolio piece than just a single individual effort.

For example, we choose to create a fantasy zombie world concept. We would need to create an environment, characters, vehicles, objects etc. If we needed to create our own reference photographs we could hire a model, or costumes. Perhaps we would need to go sketch certain buildings, vehicles etc.

If anyone is interested then please post here to register some kind of interest. I am planning on keeping May 12th free for the first meet.
Hope this gets some interest as I want to develop my skills in the best way possible focused on concept and fantasy/sci-fi art