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Thread: C.O.W. #295. Generator - VOTING!

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    C.O.W. #295. Generator - VOTING!

    Round #295 - Voting

    Topic: Generator

    Deadline for Voting: May 7th, 2013

    Round Requirements:
    - The creature must generate heat, kinetic or electrical energy in large amounts through its own biology.
    - The creature is used by humans to generate energy for their power grids.
    - Feel free to design the device that is used in tandem with the creature to convert and/or harness this energy.

    Note: Voting for oneself is prohibited. Doing so will result in your vote being subtracted from your final score.
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    Artist: wolver
    Concept: Generator
    Electrophorus Ambystoma : sea trench inhabitant, sought after for electrical harvest

    Name:  max_doherty.jpg
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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Brecian Moth Larvae

    Almost entirely encased within a transparent cocoon-like shell, the Brecian Moth Larvae produces a large amount of body heat as they grow. To prevent their bright green bodies from overheating they exhaust the heat through spike-like vents along their backs. Humans are able to extract the excess heat by using special tubes they surgically implant to these vents. So long as they are privided with a steady food and water supply they can live within human captivity for up to 20 twenty years.

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    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    Artist: Apielotje

    Concept: Generator

    The poor thing.....
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    Concept: Calescuntculex
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    Artist: Cericke

    Concept: Lava Slug
    This slug doesn't leave pleasant little slime trails- but the civilizations that discovered this affable, yet volatile creature harvest the immense biothermal energy through the giant volcano-like pit on its back, as well as heavy metals from the lava trail in its wake.

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    Artist: Concept-cube

    Concept: Concussa Reptantis ( The shock reptile)

    Due in part to its impaired sensory abilities in hearing and seeing this creature produces a large quantity of electricity inhabitants of dark swamps and dense forests these creatures use their nose as the primary use to get around at any sense of a predator its sensory tendrils on its face flair up to create a electric barrier and shock any prey coming near. humans have begun placing backpack like devices on these creatures to harvest the electrical material ( this backpack is completely harmless and the creatures can still live in their environment
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    Artist: cmoschler

    Concept: Infernal Toad
    A scavenger hailing from its planet's desolate swamps, the infernal toad possesses one of the most unique and interesting digestive systems of all the species documented to date. Upon ingesting any microbes commonly found on the toad's main food source, carrion and rotting plants, a chemical reaction occurs within the intestines of the beast, resulting in the production of a massive amount of heat. The pressure of this reaction as well as the resulting fumes are vented out of the creature's body through a unique set of pores, resembling volcanic vents, dotting the toad's back. This internal furnace allows the creature to survive the deathly cold nights of its environment in relative comfort. Interestingly, the locals have found a way to harness the power of the infernal toad's digestive reactions, and utilize it as a source of power. Since the ingestion of bacteria, fungi and the like triggers this reaction, the locals have taken to herding these creatures and domesticating them, feeding them the waste and garbage of their society, and harnessing the resulting reaction as a means to power their cities.
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