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Thread: Need an advice on landscape drawing

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    Need an advice on landscape drawing

    Hi folks,
    I need some tips on drawing landscapes cause I wanna master this field as well. For the past two days I've tried to draw some from references but the results were more than disappointing.. With the head hung in shame I'll show you one of the outcomes..
    Here I tried to block in the initial forms but it just didn't work. Tried to define the foreground, middleground and background and eventually there was none. D Funny thing is that theoretically I get the things but when it comes to applying = total mess.

    I believe you can give me some good pointers. Your help will be appreciated.
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    Start with simple objects first make some still life set ups and learn to draw accurately from those, then go outside and sketch from life.
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    If you're not confident on this workflow, try a different one.
    Defining forms directly with paint is more complicated, as it demands from you extreme familiarity with the composition you're going to use.

    I suggest you take instead the more common route that is to do a guide sketch first, on your canvas, with a pencil. Then fill it in with paint.
    Doing the guide sketch first allows you to test, arrange and manipulate things so you first get a good composition and are aware of what you'll need for each bit of the piece (where things are shadowed, where there's a special texture needed etc.).

    Read this "studio tip" by Doug Chiang:
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