Sketchbook: jkior's Sleeping Classmates and Ink Studies
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    jkior's Sleeping Classmates and Ink Studies

    I'd like to start a sketchbook thread with my work from the RISD 6-week Illustration summer program. These are only a few from today; I'll post more of my work from earlier in the program as I get it ready. I haven't had any formal art training before this. The teachers - especially in this particular class, foundational drawing - don't really tell the students much about technique. Anyway,

    (black and white ink and brush on 22x30 bristol) This one was much cooler on paper before the teacher suggested to use "white" ink on it - the two media didn't mix well at all. But it looks cooler on the computer this way. The building in real life really overwhelms its surroundings, so I made it tilted and distorted on purpose.

    (black ink only and brush on 22x30 bristol) I like this one better, took about half an hour. Both this and the one above are on the Blackstone River in Providence; the thing in the center of the water is a floating metal basket and bouys for the "waterfire" show. I really like this media - although this is the first time I've ever used it, I'm definitely going to be doing more on my own time.

    These are some faster charcoal studies of the other students. I was trying for more interesting lighting in the second one.

    I really don't like vine charcoal. I'm getting compressed as soon as possible.

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