I'm going to call myself purple art and I guess this is my "sketchbook".

EDIT: Sorry about the pictures being too large is there anyway to scale them down or do I have to reupload them?

So, I stumbled upon this forum a few days ago and was greatly inspired by the work everyone here is doing.
I have no real experience with drawing, 5 years ago was the last time I drew for fun and I sort of put it on the shelf at some point.

Most of my work was 2D drawings. Right now I really want to learn how to draw but have no idea what I want to draw and where to start, what books to read and what to do basically.

Here is some of my work and I'd really like some advice as to where to start.

Here is some stuff I drew from life: (thats not my face)
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Here is some stuff I copied from books:
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This is some random dagger that I copied
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I drew these from imagination. Its quite clear that I have no idea how to draw from imagination.
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One thing I'd like to add is that I'd like to learn how to draw things from life and be able to deconstruct objects into simple shapes.

I'd also like to be able to draw faces and human figures, things like the hand properly.

Those are just some things that I'm interested in, I don't really know what to learn because there's so much to learn.