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    Critique my WIP please

    Hey guys

    Just wondering if you could critique my work from a design pov and give some advice on the overall piece. I plan to to add a small squad following behind with a couple big mechs towering over them. Just need to get this guy done so i can use him as a reference.

    Thanks for your time

    Name:  newsoliddasdr-Recovered.jpg
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    well, my thought was : looks kinda like Halo but not as cool. Force yourself to design something really cool that doesn't look like yet another space soldier we've all seen. What else could a space soldier look like?
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    You got some sketches of the entire idea? Would be wise to plan out the overall image with the mechs and composition than focusing on rendering at this point.

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    Maybe you could strengthen his silhouette, his left arm is very hard for me to make out. If you don't want to change his arm position you cold separate the the left arm especially the hand by making its values a bit more different from the torso's values. hope this helps

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    Hey guys, thank you so much for your replies and i'm very sorry for not replying earlier.

    DanielBodinof - Yeah your right, its no way near as cool. I think I will do some heavy research in the future to make the design feel fresh and unique

    Slothboy3000 - I'm not sure why but I didn't. I started off with the helmet and worked into that way. Kind of stupid way of working I know.

    Philipopotamus - Thanks for the tips, really appriciate it. I started off with a weird but interesting silhouette, but it felt wonky and the overall design didn't feel balanced

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    See what I mean ^^

    Here is a more completed version of the design I did. I feel it was more of good learning experience than an actual good design. As it started out as a GDI redesign, I thought the logo would be nice on it.

    Any feedback on anything would be great. Thanks for your time

    Name:  designsheet2.jpg
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