Dear Friends
My name is david cholewa i live in paris and i just finished a feature film called DEAD SHADOWS.

Dead Shadows has been sold to Germany,Austria,Australia,New Zealand,Japan with a limited theatrical release in Japan,North America,Canada in only a couple of weeks since the movie has been completed in October.

We have been selected at the prestigious SITGES FILM FESTIVAL.

Dead Shadows had a great buzz on the web because of itís low budget and what we could achieve with such low budget.

very positive review from Dread Central:

Following Dead Shadows I just created a production company called CRYOFILMS to develop my next projects such as THE DARK ZONE ,an ambitious SCI FI ACTION HORROR or BLACK GATE that I co write with Richard Stanley ( Hardware,Dust Devil,The Abandoned).I am currently trying to find and discuss International co production's opportunities and raise interest in the project.THE DARK ZONE is a concept movie itís CUBE in Space meets Dead Space/The Prey and The Thing.We are trying to get a budget over 2M but below 10 to be able to have a movie big in scale with very little money.

That teaser promo has been made in two weeks with friends of mine who helped me to show a little bit the intention of the movie.
We received some warm responses from producers and investors but i think if we want to make thing happen we need something much better than that.

I have very limited budget.The Deadline for the posters is May 9

I almost have zero assets as the movies have not been financed and shot yet.So maybe itís better for you to see first what you could do.

In a better world I would need a better poster for both Dark Zone and Black Gate.

It would be a teaser poster as the movies have not been financed yet or even shot.Itís supposed to give producers and investors the envy to jump into these projects so itís very important to have a kick ass poster for the upcoming Cannes film festival where I will have a booth and the possibility to show the posters at my booth.
You can go to and have a look at the projects
Feel free to contact me for more details at

I would like to make that movie outside the system and everyone who would help me would be welcome to join the project once it gets on the ground.
We have one month and a half to improve the posters and teaser promo i did.
It's worth it.Sci Fi is coming back and there is a huge needs for that kind of project.
If you think you can help me i will be very happy to send you the revised synopsis
Please contact me at
Thanks a lot