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Thread: Critique Please

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    Critique Please

    From a life drawing class that I am in. I didn't receive much feedback from anybody on this, so I was hoping someone here could point some things out to me. This was a 3 hour pose. I didn't think to take a picture of the model in the pose, so I am mainly looking for anatomy pointers, rendering suggestions, other technical things. Also, after class my instructor mentioned that sometimes people will render things that look more like metal when using white conte, but I do not know if that meany my picture looked metallic?
    Majority of picture:

    Name:  LifeDrawing_4-2-12.jpg
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    Bottom Portion:

    Name:  LifeDrawing Bottom Half_4-2-12.jpg
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    It's a good study. There are some minor quibbles (the right shoulder is a bit high, the indentation for the spine doesn't look quite centered correctly) but it's well observed and well drawn for a three hour pose. It might just be the scan, but it would be nice if the darks were a good, rich black. It's a little gray overall.
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    I think it is pretty good, specially with no useful feedback from your teacher. One thing to be aware of is the balance of the figure. In a resting figure with all the weight on one leg, the bottom of the sternum (actually a bit into the body, but looking at the figure straight on, from back or front, it would look the same) to the bottom of the foot, close to the heel, should be a vertical line. The bottom of the sternum (the balance point) is located at the halfway point between the pubic bone and the top of the head. I drew it on a copy of a Rodin drawing, so you can see the relationship clearly. I don't have photoshop, so I can't make a pretty paintover

    You can see the relationship for yourself if you look in a mirror and move from having the weight on both legs to all the weight on one leg.
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