I am in search of an illustrator for long time research & collaboration. Below I try to present myself and my ideas in a bit of detail.

Professionally I am a web developer creating business applications. I created two successful ones
Teamwork: http://www.twproject.com/home.page
Licorize: http://licorize.com/
And also had several failued products (4); I am an expert Java server side developer, which for games is practically useless. But I am not searching an illustrator for my daily job.

In fact am searching for an indie companion, not just an illustrator. I have a day job (as a developer), but I managed to set aside quite some time and energy to bring forward some indie work on games in the last two years, focusing on game design and its perils.

First I tried to design a game with so-so results, Adslife http://adslifegame.com/ . Then last year I took a course on game design at Bottega Finzioni (http://www.bottegafinzioni.it/index.php?page=Videogame ), where I learned a lot. Of one of the games we designed in the course, The System, I ported a boardgame (very alpha): http://www.ticonblu.it/thesystem/ Here I developed the JavaScript part.

In the last months, with occasional feedback from a friend who does 3D modeling and also wooden models of Leonardo da Vinci machines for museums, Iíve put together a working JavaScript prototype of new game set in the Renaissance. It is not a historical reconstruction, like a strategy battle or diplomatic game, neither an adventure in Leonardo life and works. It is a very simple real time strategy city builder, with some tower defense mechanics. But it is a bridge, a way to actually learn and understand how the Renaissance came about. I worked a lot on its usability; mail model has been Plants vs. Zombies
on how to unite strategy and extreme usability. The game should probably be done with Unity3d, though it is mostly 2D (and with very little movement).
Iíve created a complete plan for doing a Kickstarter (including a storyboard for the launch video), but I lack proactive partners to get it ready to be published. I am also actively maintaining a Facebook page on games, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance here:
for which I also do some paid FB promos.

Hadrian Wall
I have been writing short stories set in the late Roman Republic and first empire (I did a lot of historical research), two of which will be published (on paper, in Italian). I am currently writing a storyboard for a funny adventure over a very simple mechanic as a trip with the builders of Hadrian's Wall; main inspiration for the writing is Thomas Pinchoní Mason & Dixon, and for the mechanics is 10000000, but I am still thinking about the mechanics definition. Here too I started curating a Facebook page on Romans and games:

Game design
Iím curating a blog and podcast on game design here: http://designagame.eu/ . I started with a blog owned by the company where I am working, this: http://gamamoto.com but then I wanted to be completely independent.

What I need and what I can give
What I need is an experimenter that wants to create original works around the historical themes I am working on. I would really appreciate attempts to do something different from Disney / fantasy or things like this BBC games: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/games/leonardo
Friends are telling me that I should give references to graphic lines I like in order to give coordinates for my games. I simply don't have the vocabulary to define precisely the needs. I really donít like kitsch design, which in terms of fantasy or science fiction inspired design often dominates the indie design scene. I really appreciated the design of Sword & Sworcery, Cart Life and this kind of works (not necessarily pixel arty). Another I like is this:
One of the apps that seems to deal optimally the complex relationship between design, comic and digital version is this (yes I know its a great designer):
(Two part interview with this great designer:
http://www.paperwingspodcast.com/201...-of-the-ninth/ ) I am intentionally mixing game design and digital comics, though I am aware that the storyboarding is quite different (loops etc. http://www.whatgamesare.com/2010/12/...nding-fun.html )

What can I do for you? Not much: pair work on the storyboarding and eventually prototyping can be a formative and gratifying experience. I can do JavaScript HTML prototypes for the games, and try to get them to be finished and promote them.
I am currently learning Unity3D development, but I am a beginner.
My e-mail is ppolsinelli@gmail.com .