Hi every one, our art team took part in the making of the Hidden Object Game: 1912 Titanic Mystery. We created all the background art. Now I share the complete collection of art works with you guys. This collection covers most of the locations on Titanic.
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Contact: Jux@novtilus.net

Crow's nest

Life boat

Poop Deck


Stair case

Reception Room


Purser's Office

Wireless room

1st Class Smoking Saloon

1st Class Dining Saloon

1st Class Galley

1st Class Stateroom

2nd Class Dining Saloon

1st Class Lounge

Engine Room

Cargo Hold

Cafe Parisian



Post office

Swimming Pool

Turkish Bath

Verandah and Palm Court

Wheel house

3rd Class Cabin

3rd Class Dining Saloon

3rd Class General room

Ala Carte Restaurant

Barber Shop