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Thread: Need feedback

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    Need feedback

    My high school art teacher asked me to create a piece of work for a student art gallery.

    Please take a look and tell me what you think. It's titled "Revolution" and is basically drawn off the quote "You can jail a revolutionary, but you can't jail the revolution" by Huey Newton

    I'm in 10th grade and I've worked on this for a very long time, but I'm afraid people will think it's too violent or inappropriate. I don't want people to take it the wrong way. The sad thing is is that I don't have time to create a new piece. Also, any suggestions for the drawing itself would be nice, I know I still haven't gotten good at face proportions and shading.
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    Well, it's not going to be too off the wall for an art forum. We can't really say how your school will take it. I think you need to talk to your art teacher and get his or her take.
    I was once on the receiving end of a critique so savagely nasty, I marched straight out of class to the office and changed my major (sketchbook).
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    rock the boat man. Thats what artists do. whether or not the piece is strong technically, the concept is what is artistic and the fact that you're stirring emotions is good. If as artists we strive to make everyone comfortable and happy, we wouldn't be doing anything beyond creating decoration. Now from a technical standpoint, you are correct, proportions are incorrect and you're drawing a figure based on what you think and not what you observe. Draw from life, don't guess, etc. make every piece you do better than the last and study your subject more than your drawing.
    -start a revolution.
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    Mirror it and take another look at it. You'll see where you haven't quite gotten the proportions right.

    When shooting for realism, try to get a model. Even setting up the lighting and taking a photo of yourself for reference would have been good. As is, you are struggling with combining the parts together; in this picture, the hands come from one place, and the face from another, for instance - and the neck is pure, gruesomely wrong, fantasy. Until you have enough skill to pull it off without a model, work with a model. It's good to do that even *after* you gain enough skill.
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