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Thread: Reusing Canvas

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    Reusing Canvas

    Hello! I have a few canvases that I painted on a few years ago that I just hate looking at now and would love to paint on top of them.
    Only problem is that they are done in Water-Soluble Oil Paints and I want to paint in Acrylic.

    Is this possible? Will Gesso stick well to the water soluble oil paint?

    I know painting on top of oils with acrylic is a big no-no but I was wondering if it would be different since its water soluble.
    If all else fails, I'm willing to take the canvas off, flip it over, re-stretch the canvas, and paint on the back.

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    Well I can understand that painting on top of oils with acrylic is a big no-no but I do it anyways. :-P Only with unimportant stuff. I painted over soluble oil paint and even normal oil paint with acrylics and it works fine it'll stick, but I guess cracks will show later on I don't know. If you just want to do some practice, I say go for it. If you want to make a good painting that you'll want to keep, I'd say use the other side.

    Water-Soluble oil paint and normal oil paint never really dry. They are always drying so if you put on acrylics I'd imagine that the acrylics layer would get deformed because the oil paint is drying underneath. Water-Soluble oils dry just as slowly as normal oils so I would say it doesn't make a difference.

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    I would sand off as much as possible, gesso it and give it a try.
    But this would be a lot of work. I'd rather go and buy pre primed canvas in a roll and cut pieces out of it. If you intent to practise this is a money saving way. And if a painting is promising you can always mount it on a frame.

    BTW: oil paints don't dry - they oxidate (and "grow" by adding oxigen to the molecules - Acrylics shrink though water evaporation)
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    Actually, you are talking about for oil painting here on canvas so, I want to tell you that you can easily use canvas for oil painting and moreover I found that artist uses canvas for oil painting eventually. So, your idea about flipping canvas is good for paint on it again.
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