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    Documented Truth...ending the harmful rumors and addressing community concerns.

    I understand that I can no longer allow false rumors or misinformation to be circulating about myself, ConceptArt.Org or others without addressing concerns and sharing truth and proof to answer each important issue, whether past or present. I will be sharing details and evidence as soon as full research is completed and documents (in progress), are ready to release. I have the power to speak for myself, and, but not for other companies which I do not control, manage, or work for, nor single individuals. Again...this is but the first ready for release.

    In the spring/summer of 2010 false rumors were circulated that TAD or I misled the art community about Massive Black teaching at the Art Department. Serious allegations were made in posts and comments online by highly respected members who were not provided truth and others who became caught up in the storm of misinformation. From a legal standpoint, it was the worst of the rumors and false accusations made to date. This harmful rumor and very serious, but 100% false, accusation was circulated throughout the international art communities including DA, CGH, blogs, fb, forums and others, and is still being discussed here and elsewhere as if it is historical fact. Fortunately, it is not.

    Massive Black Inc. and its Directors have provided this official signed statement in order to quash those rumors and allegations permanently. I want to thank Massive Black President Chris Hatala and co-founder Coro Kaufman, my former partners, for being forthcoming and honest with this document in order to dispel the incessant rumors and bring a final and peaceful end to the allegations that were made. Neither MB, nor its employees, are able to respond further, as this is their agreed formal response and official apology. TAD, CA.O and I accepted it in full. I wish them the best.

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    As we are part of a community which has always valued critique, no one here is above constructive criticism, including myself. It's always been that way on this site. However, as has always been the case, no one should be subjected to hate, disparagement, false allegations, discouragement, hurtful flame wars, or attacks by people hiding behind sock puppet accounts. I must ask that this brilliant and giving community please stay respectful and constructive while I continue to dedicate my time, taking all possible steps to bring resolution to as many voiced concerns as I am able. In the coming period further important information will be shared as it is ready for release. This is to be but the first of many as we work through the answers and move forward into the future.

    I have begun in good faith, with the first evidence which I am allowed to post, and which research has been completed. The most recent and serious concerns are to be addressed shortly, as well as others. As stated, it is taking time to get all of the requested information which I have not had access to or received that is necessary to finish research, and prepare formal responses. It must all be done right. This place, its future, its countless opportunities provided, and our history is important to the community, not just me. Our present and a healthy, creative, successful future is even more important. Patience is asked for and greatly appreciated as this work is completed and prepared for release. So thank you ahead of time for any understanding, open-mindedness, and for reading.


    Jason Manley
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