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Thread: Improving the EOW - thread for feedback, March 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianNagorski View Post
    Paint over - you'll have to get permission from one of the artist who perhaps won a round before and use their finals image, i know that sounds crazy, and then in the finals thread you have the original image posted there as well for comparison.
    Lets start with Corrick, lol or even other second place artists all depends whos willing to let there art be painted over some artist are pretty defensive on this subject.
    Good idea Adrian, Personally I wouldn't mind ever getting paint overs

    I agree with pixeltuner about the brush limit thing, if you want limits its better to limit the color palette, or set stricter demands to certain props we can use.
    "Take credit for anything embedded in the edit as long as you ment it when you said It"

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    Some people agree on some stuff and some people don't, like in the case of 'brush limitation'.

    I think the question of what is right or wrong depends on why we are here?

    Are we here to do another job? (for which we don't get paid )
    or are we here to practice more for our job?
    or are we here to practice more as a student?
    or are we here to take a break from the regular job and face an interesting challenge?

    I am definitely here to face an interesting challenge. Now it doesn't really matter to me whether you say brush limitations, or paint overs, or more brief or less brief or whatever. To me, all of them are interesting challenges and I am in.
    I can suggest some stuff to Vugar` just for the sake of it but I sincerely doubt if it would be constructive.
    I feel that things are fine as they are. I think getting down to work is more important than deciding which/whose suggestion is apt.

    Personally the most important things for me when attempting any weekly challenges here are:
    1. Search myself for weaknesses(technique-wise eg: material rendering) and break it during the challenge.
    2. Learning unexpected lessons
    3. Last but not least, take a break from regular job and have some FUN.

    Now tell me what changes do we have to do to EOW???

    Sorry if I am being rude to anybody.
    Coool Brain

    Coool Brain's Blog
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    I don't quite care for the brush limit rule if it's just like "oh use a round brush" or "oh use a square brush". I know that you can create anything and everything with a round brush, but the point shouldn't focus something that specific down to the shape.

    Instead, I think it makes more sense to say "oh you may only do a series of silhouette-like comps" (hard round with lasso or whatnot). And make it mandatory as a WIP and then you can paint whatever the hell you want over it. (Because this is an EoW, not Foundation of the Week). In addition, you could have a shape-only composition ( lasso/gradient/paint bucket with custom shapes) if you're going to focus more different styles of process work.

    Either way, both suggestions about tools and presets are foundational work. I think if Vulgar should implement that, it should be a mandatory way of doing it as a WIP. I see no point in taking a custom-shape painting to finish with only custom shapes-- however, it is a highly valuable step in a process, that we should take account as a step in the process.

    Obviously you have artists like Sparth who can take it to a finish with just custom shapes, but his experiments with it have always been more like "sketches". So Vulgar... if you implement a mandatory TYPE of wip for some weeks-- that'd be super cool!!

    Also I can't seem to locate whoever said it but-- mandatory one point, two-point or three-point perspective is a YES IN MY BOOK.

    On the note of that, I am personally up for technical drawings!! We're not all going to paint pretty mountains and temples! Gotta draw interiors and with high linear quality! Not allowed to hide things with a brushstroke!! *Cracks whip*

    Also Vulgar-boo you're perfect, and I love your leniency with the deadline.
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    What Hekaton said: Perspective (1,2,3 points whatever) drawing in combination with interiors would be nice as well.
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    Thanks all for your thoughts.

    EOW Progress & Changes:

    -- Each IDW will be advertised in the main EOW thread. IDW is awesome! < 3 Pixie

    -- One must post at least once in the WIP thread to be considered for the Finals thread. The purpose for this is to enhance the community aspect, which is essentially why we are on this island: to interact and speak with each other on a collaborative level. “Commune” is a part of the word “community” for good reason. When artists see others post in the WIP’s thread it helps apply some pressure to try harder. It’s always the best part of these challenges to see others works progress, to see how others solve their problems and to learn by this.

    -- The Newly Instituted WIP C.R.E.A.M.: (Work in Progress Can Reach Every Avenue Meticulously)

    While your final piece is completely open to your command over the tools at your disposal, there will be weekly WIP challenges to get your gears in motion and make you think more about different techniques. These will be optional and anyone can suggest them. I might even have a random person every 2 weeks handle this aspect, to keep it fresh and get you out of your comfort zone. Volunteers please PM me! (or if you already suggested one, I will use it)

    Examples of WIP Cream:

    -Only a square brush can be used or the brush attached.
    - Allowed brushes, Hard Round, Soft Round, Hard Square, Pallete Knife.
    - Dual brushing and texturing of the brush are prohibited this round.
    - Shape dynamics, Scattering, and Other dynamics are allowed.
    -Paint Overs (of your own choice, or if allowed by others)
    -you may only do a series of silhouette-like comps
    -a shape-only composition ( lasso/gradient/paint bucket with custom shapes)
    -mandatory one point, two-point or three-point perspective (in combination with interiors)

    ***So just to clarify/recap, NO environment topic will have limits on brushes or tools you can use. That’s why there’ll be WIP Creams to channel that challenge & quench your thirst, a separate accessory to the main event, yet still a part of the collective effort for all to see.

    -- More defined briefs. Now and again there will definitely be open, broad topics, but we are on a concept art website and are trying to produce that, not just what we can liberally interpret as the topic. I’ll make some small tweaks that cause the EOWer to read the brief and be like “Okay, I fully understand what the brief is asking for and I will set out to create a world.” I feel like I have been too consistently open, and sometimes vaguely so.

    Along that line, some challenges might stipulate things like: must be in 1-point perspective, must be in 2-point perspective, must be done in grayscale only, must be done off of a photograph "plate" and show the photograph for before and after shots, etc. Just ideas to change it up and push people to be creative in ways they would not otherwise be.
    ^In terms of a certain perspective being assigned as the topic guidelines, I’d have to research a little more on what you mean by this. I’m a writer and not a concept artist so this stuff is really like a third language to me, so I should brush up on my art encyclopedia to better grasp the basics. As of now, I understand the most rudimentary version of this subject. Nothing advanced or technical runs through these Vulgarian veins, lol.

    -- Ahh, and there will always be leniency with the deadline.
    Last edited by Vulgar`; March 19th, 2013 at 09:37 PM.

    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week
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    Oh that was me that mentioned perspective. Here is a quick example of what I meant:

    1-point perspective is where the painting is set up so that all converging lines lead to a single vanishing point on the horizon line, like in the example of Raphael's "School of Athens" painting.
    You see the front "face" of all elements as if they were positioned directly toward the viewer, then you might see only one side of the element plus either the top or bottom, depending on where the object sits in its "space" in relation to the viewers eye-level.

    2-point perspective is the same idea, but you are not looking at the scene straight on anymore so you see 2-sides of most elements. Like this photo of buildings. The viewer is at a 3/4 view, so we see the front at an angle plus one side on each building.
    If you follow the converging lines, one set goes to a vanishing point on the right, one set goes to a vanishing point off to the left. Both VP's are on the horizon line of course, and in this case neither vanishing point is actually located within the picture plane.

    There is also 3 and 4 point perspective, and any setup can be used when painting either an exterior or interior scene. Depends on where the artist wants the viewer to be in relation to the scene. Perspective is one of the main elements of design, and it is shoved down the throat of every single art and/or design student, especially when they are going through the foundation and intro courses.

    Hope that helps Vulgar!
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    All right, is long time no one write here. I even dunno if somebody is reading or moderator considerate what I will write. Is just something I've notice.

    Sometimes, on challage, user post bigger image than 1000 pixels width as rules says. This mean a more sourrounding image and an imposing view of enviroment wich sure helps for get votes. I understand is not fair to reject nice work because the artist forgot to resize it, but is unfair too penalize respectful people. Could be an idea to do not admit oversized works to te poll, untill owner artist resize it. Or maybe moderator could think again about maximum image size. At least people who's here probably has high resolution screen, so even a 1240 or even more could be ok.

    Other thing I'd like to suggest is a "special moderator vote" for the one who more stick on theme. Dunno at the moment if moderator votes, anyway, he could vote from 1 to 5 point (depends on how much resonance that challage has) for the work that better fit and nail the theme.
    Last edited by BlindLynx; November 23rd, 2013 at 07:35 AM.
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    Nice, I really like your idea. Thanks BlindLynx. I know I've been somewhat missing in action in this section aside from handling my moderating duties, but many times in the past I have voted and left feedback for each entry. I should really get back into doing that as it encourages activity and participation. I accept your challenge and will start doing so.

    As for image size, I don't think I can agree that larger image size means more votes. It might be more fulfilling to the eyes of the viewer, but the competition in the EOW is usually very neck-to-neck, or very close in other words, so I don't want to change the size limit and get strict about things that should remain open and up to the designer. If it really bothers you in a specific case, we can see about doing something.

    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week
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    Happy to been helpful. I got lotta help here in this month I've been in, and to partecipate is minimum I can give back. So wer are waiting for you in the EOW! =)

    About size, I though is hardly suggest to keep image to 1000 pixels width (better if 900). If this is open to designer be sure I will not keep it lower than 1240. As the Tomb of Horror poll show "size matters".
    This mean not Vyse ambient wasnt good, it was very good, but make it smal as the others and all that imponence get lost makeking it more pair with others.

    Here is what I'm talking bout :
    Btw is my will to make nothing bother me in a fair work place like this =) Isnt that important =)
    Hugs and thanx for yur time!
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