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    elliptical wheel method feng zhu's students


    I was looking on here:

    and noticed that the wheels on many vehicles seem to follow the same structure.

    3 ellipses

    These three ellipses seem to vary not only in size but also in degree.

    I like the look of this method and wondered if its a standard method for wheels for feng zhu's students, as it seems lots of the students use it.

    The other methods I see are usually a smaller ellipse off centre of the first ellipse, but seemingly the same degree giving the concave illusion.

    Has anyone any input on any of this? Be it the actual method used, or any other info on whether it is fengs adopted technique or a standard technique for vehicle design?

    Thanks very much.

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    The wheels have 3 lines because those lines should show 3D form, rather than flat surface you'd get with 2 lines. Like eezacqe said, it's basic perspective, so find some good books, or instructional videos (Scott Robertson has some very nice videos on perspective, which he applies on industrial designs). There are also some great assignments and tutorials on this site, one of them being Feng Zhu is also talking about it in one of his videos.

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    thanks. I think you guys missed what i meant though.

    I meant has anyone used this method. Is it a feng zhu school thing?

    Scott Robertsons technique is not the same, he uses 2 concentric ellipses. These are more like 3 ellipses.

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    How many ellipses you use to draw a wheel has nothing to do with technique but only with the type of wheel you're drawing. That being said I really can't see what you mean specifically. There are wheels in the student works on the FZD-site that use more or less ellipses and Robertson by no means exclusively uses 2 concentric ellipses when drawing wheels...
    It's not about technique, it's about understanding perspective and form.

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